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Granted everything looks fabulous when it’s fresh out of the box, but what about in six months when your hardwood floors have been walked, stomped and jumped on; when your marble countertops have had tomato juice, coffee, and lemon juice spilled on them; or when your perfectly beige walls have everyone’s fingerprints and scuffs on them? It’s time for the hardworking cleaning supplies to step up and get to work. Although they may not be the most glamorous pieces you own, their tasks tend to be the most critical when it comes to maintaining and prolonging the lifespan of your household items More 
Cucina Foaming Hand Soap, 10.1 fl oz - Lime Zest & Cypress
Specially designed for use in the kitchen, this Hand Soap is formulated with extra virgin olive oil and an olive derivate with purifying properties. It's mild biodegradable formula is triclosan free and wont dry skin so you can use it as often as you like! Crisp, sunny notes of effervescent lime zest mingle with green, naturally aromatic cypress to create a fragrance thats irre...More
Power Scrubber
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This Hard surface cleaner PS40 Powerscrubber has three integrated high pressure nozzles for removing dirt quickly and efficiently. suitable for all surfaces and ideal for cleaning edges and corners. Suitable for Karcher Pressure washers models from K2-K5 - Weight: 2.6 lbs.
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Full Circle Home Sponge Flip Loofah - Pack of 36
Here's a situation where being two-faced is a good thing. These ecofriendly sponges have an absorbent cellulose side for surface cleaning and dishwashing, and a natural loofah side for harder scrubbing that's still safe for nonstick surfaces. So stock up on these terrific biodegradable and compostable sponges, available here in 12 packs of three.
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Rotary Wash Brush
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Karcher's Rotating Wash Brush can be used to reduce the effort required to clean most flat surfaces (painted, glass and plastic). Good for use it on automobiles, boats, house siding, shutters, windows and other flat surfaces. The water pressure from your pressure washer causes the inner brushes to gently spin, making it easier to remove stubborn dirt and debris. - Weight: 1.05...More
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Durgol Express® Universal
$14.50 $16.50 · Buy on Houzz
Your multi-purpose decalcifier for countless household items: drip coffee machines, ceramic tiles, faucets, and more. Works 5 to 10 times faster than other brands. Ready and simple to use: No need to dissolve in water before application (unlike powders or tablets). 16.9 fl. oz.
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Durgol Swiss Steamer®
$24.95 $28.00 · Buy on Houzz
Formulated to decalcify high-quality household steamers of all brands. Leaving no residue, it ensures optimal quality of steamed food. As with all Durgol products, regular use of this special formula ensures proper functioning of the appliance. 16.9 fl. oz.
Dirt Blaster Nozzle
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Provides large area coverage with almost the same cleaning power as a solid pencil jet. High-pressure pencil jet rotates at approximately 4,000 RPM. Increases the effective cleaning pressure of pressure washer by up to 50pct. Unsurpassed at removing stubborn dirt and solvents. Fits Karcher gasoline pressure washers with a rating of 2600-3600 PSI. Not recommended for delicate or...More
City Lights Memphis Fire Pit Georgia Clay
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City Lights - This Memphis Fire Pit features decorative cross hatch cut outs and a Georgia Clay finish. Sturdy steel construction is designed for easy assembly. It has a large 23.5" diameter bowl with full diameter handle. Comes with full-size porcelain cooking grate. Includes poker and Spark guard. 29.5"L x 29.5"W x 23"H 32 lbs. Burn Surface Area: 397 sq. in - Weight: 34.3 lb...More
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What cleaning supplies do I need in the kitchen?

From deodorizing your refrigerator to polishing your kitchen countertops, cleaning supplies are what make a house run. Different rooms require different cleaning supplies, and it’s easiest to keep them organized in the rooms that they’ll be used for. For the kitchen, scrubbing brushes, surface cleaners and all purpose cleaners, cleaning cloths and sponges, and deodorizers would be very beneficial for maintaining a clean and sanitary kitchen. Many people keep cleaning supplies beneath the kitchen sink or in a supply closet. There are also wall mounted racks to keep your cleaning supplies on display and within reach.

What cleaning supplies do I need in the bathroom?

The bathroom is another room of the house that requires cleaning supplies. Under sink storage, or perhaps other bathroom storage can be used for bathroom cleaners, glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, as well as shower cleaner. Not only will it help keep bacteria at bay, most cleaners have a very refreshing and pleasant aroma.

Should I consider natural cleaners?

These days, a lot of manufacturers have opted for a more natural approach to cleaning and what they chemicals they put in their products. Opting for natural cleaning products that are bio-degradable and phosphate free are not only safer for the environment, but they are safer for your health as well.
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