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Get zen with an indoor fountain! The sound of water immediately brings a sense of zen to your home. Have a stressful at-home job? Can't feel comfortable in your own living room? The zen noise of an indoor fountain might be able to help! Incorporating the natural beauty of water into your home requires some major considerations. First off, what kind of indoor fountain do you want? Most indoor water features come in three types: Wall-mounted, free-standing, or tabletop. All three have their negative and positive features, and it's important to think about which one is right for you. More 
Reflection Creek Wall Fountain with Blackened Copper Trim and Green Slate Surfac
$899 $1,199.00 · More Colors
Take a moment for quiet reflection with the help of this wall fountain. It draws upon the feng shui principles of stone, metal, glass and water to help balance the energy in your space. Whether placed in a guest bath, living room, spa or even an office waiting room, it has the power to soothe all who enter.
“Corridoio” — villaemily
Adagio Pacifica Waters Wall Fountain, Textured Black, Rajah Featherstone
$999 $1,499.00 · More Styles
The modern look and affordable price of this water feature make if one of the most desired from the Adagio brand. The Adagio Pacifica Waters Wall Fountain will bring your home decor to the next level without breaking the bank. It offers a sleek design where the halogen lights shine on the sparkling water as it flows seamlessly down the face of the fountain. It's lightweight n...More
“Fountain color and price” — hodgeled
Contempo Terra Horizontal Wall Fountain - Lightweight Slate & Oil-Rubbed Bronze
$995 $1,099.00 · Buy on Houzz
Fountains fill us with a sense of peace, quieting our inner monologues and removing us from the stresses of the day. Imagine after an exhausting day at work, coming home and hearing the sound of water gently falling...close your eyes, sit down and relax as you listen. A Bluworld fountain can take you there every time, every day. Modern in every sense of the word but still invi...More
Eternal Steps Water Fountain
$34.95 $49.95 · Buy on Houzz
Fire and water combine to form one spectacular decoration! Cascades of water trickle down faux-stone steps, while tealights glimmer from atop twin pillars. A tabletop fountain to treasure!
“Fountain” — sabrina_mus
4' Dark Copper Bamboo Gardenfall Floor Water Fountain
$450 $499.00 · Buy on Houzz
The gentle noise of water cascading over etched glass and softly landing on the polished river rocks below transforms your home, office or garden into a peaceful sanctuary. Close your eyes and enjoy.
“Catarata de bambo” — thaniascheel
8' Coppervein Gardenfall with Slate Surface Floor Water Fountain
$1,395 $1,499.00 · Buy on Houzz
Hush the outside world and lose yourself in this soothing water feature. Observe the water flowing down the natural slate wall onto the polished rocks below and mentally find yourself in a quieter, more serene place — even if it’s just for a moment.
“Zen” — Charlotte LaChasse
6' Dark Copper Bamboo Gardenfall Floor Water Fountain
$995 $1,099.00 · Only 5 Left
Skip the spa, steep a cup of tea and settle in near this tranquil water feature. Relax into the sounds of water descending down the etched glass and gently pooling among the river rocks below.
“tropical” — lilred1018
Rock Design Tabletop Fountain
$38.95 $49.95 · Buy on Houzz
Water cascades from beneath the gently spinning marbleized orb, showering the rocklike tiers below.
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Inner Peace Tabletop Fountain
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8" Table Fountain with LED Light and Multi-colored Pebbles
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Delfini Dolphin Tabletop Fountain with LED Light and Glass Sphere
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What size fountain should I buy?

Size is vital when it comes to indoor fountains. Know which room you want to put this fountain in, and what space it will occupy. A wall-mounted fountain can take up quite a bit of space, and requires some coordinating in terms of electrical hookups. A tabletop fountain is much more flexible, and doesn’t usually need anything more than a couple batteries. Double check the requirements for any fountain you’re about to purchase, and make sure to measure the space that you want it to go in.

What else should I consider when buying a fountain?

Before making a purchase, think about where your fountain will go and therefore how much noise you would like it to make. If you're placing it on a covered porch or entryway, a fully streaming fountain is fine, since it won't bother anyone as they try to sleep or relax. On the other hand, a soft bubbling flow in a bedroom or living room can help soothe away stress without interfering, though the same can't be said for a roaring waterfall.

When it comes to placement, you want your water feature to make an impact, but you don't want it to be in the way or annoy any family members or guests. As mentioned, a covered porch or entryway is ideal, since it's displayed without being overbearing.
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