6 Contemporary Prefab Studios

Prefab studios can be customized to almost any need for additional space, from a home office to a guesthouse. These can be pricey investments, so be sure to look into your size and space requirements and decide on a style before you make your prefab studio purchase. More 
Sett Studio
5 Reviews
Sett Studio
The Sett Studio office is more like a pre-fab house, with a "water and ice shield roof membrane" and Drywall walls and Monotred flooring. You can add upgrades like air conditioning and heat, a built-in desk, stainless steel metal shingles and even planter boxes. You can even add a deck. The company is also working on a solar-powered version.
“I like the dark tones” — franciscoproduction
Modern Cabana
I'm in love. I've been scheming a way to get my husband's home office out of our house for 5 years. This shed by Modern Cabana offers multiple sizes and finishing touches so you can make it as fancy or basic as you want. This is the smallest size they offer but they go up to 12x25'. I love the sliding glass doors and window options. This can be finished to to be a really elega...More
“Lower cost solution” — amberisak
Loft Cube
This pre-fab loft cube has to be one of the slickest trailers I've ever seen. you['re completely surrounded by windows and the exterior almost has a traditional adobe feeling to it. It's a great way to build a guest house, office, or just extra space. Please contact the manufacturer for details.
“this is a neat idea. we might be able to do something like this, then rent out bottom floor and I c” — doctoragrawal
Friedman Associates
Design 4 Energy Solman
Chaz Peling: A tiny house powered by a Solman Classic portable solar system.
“Economy” — kemroland
The Outerspaces Group
6 Reviews
Corradi Pergola Shade Structures
“could install glass” — beckyweidner@yahoo.com
The Outerspaces Group
6 Reviews
Corradi Pergola Shade Structures
“pergola/garage” — danahmaloney
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What size should my prefab studio be?

First, determine exactly how you’ll be using your prefab studio. Is it going to act as a home office? An art studio? A play-place for your children? Determine the types of furnishings you’ll need to make it functional, as well as whether you’ll need additional workspace or potentially a bathroom. Once you have the interior figured out, analyze the space you plan to build the prefab studio and be sure there is enough room for what you’d like to achieve.

What types of materials should I consider using?

A prefab studio is often constructed like a tiny house, so most materials you find for homes can be utilized for a prefab studio. Interiors might be finished with drywall or cedar siding, depending on your design preference. For the exterior, consider choosing treated wood for a traditional, timeless look. Or match your home’s siding and finish with the same materials for a cohesive look. A more contemporary design will feature steel or entirely glass walls.

What styles might I consider?

If you’re creating a custom-designed prefab studio, styles can stretch as far as your imagination. Try to create something that’s in line with your home or any other nearby properties so the prefab studio fits in with the overall scheme. If you choose to go with a kit, these are available in a range of styles from contemporary to traditional to futuristic.

What additional features might I want to add to my prefab studio?

If you live in a cooler climate and will be using your prefab studio all year long, insulate the floor, walls and roof, and invest in thermal doors and windows. If you’ll be spending a decent amount of time in the studio, you may want a bathroom, a kitchen or even a small porch. Make sure to install adequate lighting for inside and outside your studio, especially if it’s a workspace that will be used after hours at night.

Can I install my own prefab studio?

This depends completely on your preference on the amount of time and handy work you want to spend on it. For a quick installation, choose a prefab studio kit from a professional source and have it set up professionally. If you prefer to save some money and build one yourself, purchase a kit with assembly instructions.

Will my property's building codes allow a prefab studio?

Certain zoning ordinances, deed restrictions and building codes may restrict prefab studios from being built on the property. It's possible you'll need a building permit, or that there are specifications as to where you can place the prefab studio.
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