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Now that there are so many cars, dolls and games to choose from, toy shopping can be an overwhelming and almost impossible task. Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, especially when children’s tastes are constantly changing as they age. There are several things to consider that just might help narrow down your search. More 
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What toys are best for my child?

One of the first things you should consider is the age of the child. A toddler’s toy is very different from a child’s toy. With a baby, soft, plush stuffed animals are always a safe bet, and large plastic or wood building blocks are always fun to play with. Rattles and teething toys are good too, but for younger children, safety comes first: avoid toys with small pieces, toxic materials and sharp edges. When it comes to kids, board games, DIY kits and Legos or other building blocks are always popular. Since their personalities and interests are starting to develop, pick out something that suits them: A little boy who loves cars might like that toy truck or racecar track, while a little girl into art would love a DIY necklace kit or coloring book. Better yet, avoid any returns by having children come with you and pick out their own toys.

In the end, be sure to avoid buying overpriced, flashy items for younger children. Because they are still learning and growing, kids can often be careless with toys, regardless of the price, and will most likely break more than a few over the years. And even if you get them that solar system kit or kid-size guitar they really want, they might move on from that astronomer or rock-star dream in a few days. Because their tastes are constantly changing, wait on larger purchases until they’re older and their interests are more defined.

What are some fun educational toys?

While it’s important to consider the fun factor, you should also try to fit in some educational finds. Electronic readers, science kits and books with colors, numbers or animals are easy to find and often just as fun as more traditional toys. With educational video games and board games, you can even make learning a family affair.
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