19 Eclectic Bird Baths

Bird baths epitomize classic garden design. While they primarily serve as decorative garden sculptures, they also provide birds of your garden a safe place to get a drink of water and rinse off. Consider the addition of a bird bath in your landscape one step closer to your own secret garden. More 
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If you need help choosing the right bird bath for your garden, use the following questions as a guide to aid you in your decision.

What style bird bath works best?

While there are four primary bird bath styles, designers always get creative. Just make sure to look for a style with a gently sloping bowl that provides the birds with an easy approach into the water.
Pedestal bird baths. If you are looking for classic garden decor, a pedestal style bird bath is a perfect addition. They are are the most popular and traditional style of bird baths and consist of a wide, shallow bowl and a single pedestal base. Choose from various designs, including traditional looks and those with more modern appeal, to find the perfect one.
Hanging bird baths. If you have limited yard space, a hanging bird bath solves that dilemma by not requiring any. Supported by a three-point chain, they can hang from a balcony, tree limb, or roof eaves and you can enjoy watching the birds splash about from your bedroom window.
Heated bird baths are great for cold climate regions where water will freeze. With a heated bird bath, you can have birds bathing in your bath all year. If you live in a climate that experiences winters, a heated birdbath will keep the birds coming even in snow and ice by preventing the water from freezing.
Bird bath fountains provide a nice space for births to splash about as well as create the soothing trickling sound of water.Not only do these attract the birds, but fountain birdbaths double as a calming backyard accessory for you. They are available in everything from tiered to traditional styles.

What bird bath material options are there?

Birdbaths are most commonly created from concrete, ceramic and plastic, but can also be found in metal, glass, stone or marble. Think about your aesthetic preference when choosing a material, but also consider things like weight, delicacy, weather resistance and whether it complements your yard’s current scheme.
Cast stone bird baths are classic and built to last. They are heavy and will age well, but the color selection is limited and they are also more likely to break if knocked over.
Ceramic bird baths are offered in a wide range of colors and styles and have the timeless look of a classic bird bath. While this material is heavy and also less likely to tip over, in the chance that they do, they are prone to cracking.
Copper and metal bird baths are durable and are less likely than stone or ceramic to harbor mold or other growths. While some love the patina that develops on copper and metals over time, make sure that you know that the metal finish you have when you buy a metal bird bath will not remain the same over time.
Resin bird baths are extremely durable and will not show age much at all. However, these pieces are basically plastic so they are much lighter than the stone or ceramic varieties and are much more likely to tip over. Make sure with a resin bird bath the base is filled with sand or it can be secured in another way.

How do I attract birds to my bird bath?

While much of the decorative accent of a bird bath is for your personal aesthetic enjoyment, these garden sculptures are also meant to be functional. After you have purchased the perfect bird bath for your yard, seeing some friendly winged friends use it will make it fulfilling.
• In order to optimize use, place the bird bath in an area that has good visibility but can also provide nearby shelter if necessary.
• Make sure that the water level is not too deep so that birds can easily perch around the ledge or in the water itself.
• Keeping the bird bath in a quiet and more secluded area will help birds feel safe and secure around the bird bath.

What decorative options are there for a birdbath?

Perhaps you want to choose a lighted birdbath to keep the birds coming in the evening, or simply to enjoy the sight of your birdbath at night. Instead of the traditional round birdbath, go more contemporary with a square or sphere shaped birdbath. Or, find one with decorative carvings or sculptures to really make it stand out.
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