10 Eclectic Cleaning Supplies

Granted everything looks fabulous when it’s fresh out of the box, but what about in six months when your hardwood floors have been walked, stomped and jumped on; when your marble countertops have had tomato juice, coffee, and lemon juice spilled on them; or when your perfectly beige walls have everyone’s fingerprints and scuffs on them? It’s time for the hardworking cleaning supplies to step up and get to work. Although they may not be the most glamorous pieces you own, their tasks tend to be the most critical when it comes to maintaining and prolonging the lifespan of your household items More 
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Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Counter Top Spray, Lemon Verbena
You may think it's strange to have a countertop spray in a home fragrances round-up, but first and foremost I like my home to smell clean. This is a great countertop spray to use every night and smells wonderful!
“Cleaner” — katiealowery
Child's Activity Kit
Cardboard, metal, wood, cloth, plasticExplorer Kit: 5"H, 11"W, 7"DBotanist Case: 4"H, 12"W, 8"DBaking Set: 13.25"W, 9.75"H Imported
Seltzer Studios
Goldfish Garbage Bags
Never have to deal with the hassle of trying to keep your ugly black or clear garbage bags out of sight. Proudly clean up after your next house party with these fun and unique goldfish bags. Now if only I had a clear trash can... by Suck UK. biodegradable. 12 per box.
“For a gift” — isabelle42
Paper Source
Handy Wipes - Cupcake Wipes
Leave these out all over the house so you can clean up your child's sticky little fingers before they gunk up your fabrics and walls! Fragranced with strawberry.
“G” — eiram25
Handcarved Scrub Brush
*Beechwood, vegetable fiber bristles *Hand wash *4"H, 2.5"W *Handmade in Italy
Flannel Dusting Cloth
*Cotton *Machine wash *21"L, 15.5"W *Imported
Elizabeth's Embellishments
Red Cherry Dishwashing Gloves
Help mom keep her hands smooth with these dishwashing gloves, full of personality!
“gloves” — duti98
dar gitane
modelo glass cleaning brush our kitchen staple is the long handle cleaning brush, ideal for long spouts, glassware and vases... made of wire for flexibility, black bristle for cleaning power and tipped with aubergine wool for fine cleaning. we love that its dark so it matches those pesky red wine stains on glassware. available in two wool tip colors: aubergine or bordeaux di...More
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What cleaning supplies do I need in the kitchen?

From deodorizing your refrigerator to polishing your kitchen countertops, cleaning supplies are what make a house run. Different rooms require different cleaning supplies, and it’s easiest to keep them organized in the rooms that they’ll be used for. For the kitchen, scrubbing brushes, surface cleaners and all purpose cleaners, cleaning cloths and sponges, and deodorizers would be very beneficial for maintaining a clean and sanitary kitchen. Many people keep cleaning supplies beneath the kitchen sink or in a supply closet. There are also wall mounted racks to keep your cleaning supplies on display and within reach.

What cleaning supplies do I need in the bathroom?

The bathroom is another room of the house that requires cleaning supplies. Under sink storage, or perhaps other bathroom storage can be used for bathroom cleaners, glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, as well as shower cleaner. Not only will it help keep bacteria at bay, most cleaners have a very refreshing and pleasant aroma.

Should I consider natural cleaners?

These days, a lot of manufacturers have opted for a more natural approach to cleaning and what they chemicals they put in their products. Opting for natural cleaning products that are bio-degradable and phosphate free are not only safer for the environment, but they are safer for your health as well.
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