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Even though cleaning isn’t a particularly enjoyable task, it is one that we frequently have to do, despite a lack of enthusiasm. To make the process quicker and easier, make sure you have the right supplies — and organize them in a way that makes sense to you. More 
Fred Flare
Dollhouse Brush And Dustpan Set
I'm having a hard time believing that this lovely lady won't instantly pop to life and help clean crumbs like Mrs. Butterworth. She's delightful!
“Hi Sir/Ma’am This is Rexie, from the Philippines. I’am interested in your item. I would like t” — rexiemae
Pottery Barn
1 Review
PB Prop Collection Rustic Ladder
Storage goes vertical with this rustic ladder. Hang up blankets, clothing, coats or anything you'd like while saving on floor space.
“This one” — justcantwait
Handcarved Scrub Brush
*Beechwood, vegetable fiber bristles *Hand wash *4"H, 2.5"W *Handmade in Italy
dar gitane
modelo glass cleaning brush our kitchen staple is the long handle cleaning brush, ideal for long spouts, glassware and vases... made of wire for flexibility, black bristle for cleaning power and tipped with aubergine wool for fine cleaning. we love that its dark so it matches those pesky red wine stains on glassware. available in two wool tip colors: aubergine or bordeaux di...More
Stephanie Sabbe
6 Reviews
A. Bernard Rolling Library Ladder
The details in this are amazing.
“Mhkfthf�����������ȴ” — karamag5272
dar gitane
pot + pan scrub brush made in sweden by visually impaired craftsmen, each individual bundle of bristles is attached to the base of the brush with steady hands, the same method used since the 19th century. the resulting piece is a beautiful and substantial brush best used on your fine pots and pans. diameter: 12 cm / 4.75 in
“Cool” — tiyam
1 Review
Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Counter Top Spray, Lemon Verbena
You may think it's strange to have a countertop spray in a home fragrances round-up, but first and foremost I like my home to smell clean. This is a great countertop spray to use every night and smells wonderful!
“Cleaner” — katiealowery
Elizabeth's Embellishments
Red Cherry Dishwashing Gloves
Help mom keep her hands smooth with these dishwashing gloves, full of personality!
“gloves” — duti98
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What cleaning supply products do I need?

Although the necessary materials can vary depending on your furniture and preferences, traditional cleaning supplies include dish soap, an all-purpose cleanser, a bathroom cleanser, a sponge, a brush, a furniture cleanser and a duster. There are many different brands and kinds of cleaners, including scented and environmentally friendly options, so just use whatever kind works for you and your family. To clean the floor, brooms, dustpans, mops and vacuum cleaners are needed, while step stools and ladders can help you reach high places when cleaning out kitchen cabinets or reaching for cobwebs.

How do I organize my cleaning supplies?

Because there are a slew of cleansers, brushes and accessories to store, taking the time to organize your supplies is essential. Use a storage container, basket or bin to keep bottles from spilling under the sink, or buy a cleaning caddy for grab-and-go handiness on cleaning day. To keep items from getting lost in the shuffle, buy a wall-mounted organizer to store brooms, mops, dustpans and step stools, and keep it in the garage so it’s out of high-traffic areas.
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