41 Eclectic Small Kitchen Appliances

Growing your small kitchen accessories collection can take some time — after all, you have to purchase pricier items, like a refrigerator, stove, oven and dishwasher, before moving onto the smaller products. Although toasters, microwaves, blenders and coffee makers are often seen as necessities, other small appliances, such as a deep fryer, gelato machine and food processor, are specialized luxuries. Before you take the plunge and invest in more eclectic kitchen products, consider these tips. More 
Amerihome Cotton Candy Maker
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Make your own cotton candy at home using the Amerihome Cotton Candy Maker. Use the electric Cotton Candy Maker to entertain the kids during school breaks and snow days using only hard candy, table sugar and a straw. In about 5 minutes you will have cotton candy like spun sugar in any flavor you like. Instructions on how to use the Cotton Candy Maker are included on the package....More
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TeaLeaf Tea Infuser
Tea-lovers know about the various health benefits of regular tea sippin', but there's more to it than just keeping your heart happy. It's also a great way to stimulate your senses! Brighten your afternoon tea with the TeaLeaf Tea Infuser. Its cheerful heat-resistant silicone stem "plants" into the stainless steel pot, so you can quickly steep your favorite loose leaf tea. It's ...More
“tea infuser” — Jhet Say
Buttercup Butter Maker
What's better than butter? Fresh, homemade butter of course! You'll love the Buttercup Butter Maker for its ease of use. Just pop in some heavy whipping cream and give it a shake! Add your preferred herbs and spices, or try one of the recipes included and you'll soon be in buttery heaven. Now, where's that popcorn? Features * Make fresh butter in minutes! Add herbs, spices,...More
Tea Nest, Celtic Design
From Oolong to chamomile, you can steep in style with this tea strainer. The gorgeous wood features a flame design, and keeps the tea hot and your fingers cool. The stainless steel basket lifts out for easy cleaning.
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Twist It Dual Citrus Reamer
No more sour-face when juicing your citrus fruit! The Twist It is so easy to use, you'll want to put up a lemonade AND lime stand just to put it to practice! It features a dual citrus reamer so you can juice your lemons and limes in one go. Then, sit back and enjoy your refreshing afternoon lemonade (or margarita)! Features * Perfect for halved citrus fruit! * Care: Top ra...More
Consigned Chrome Vintage Percolator
Art Deco Chrome Coffee service by General Electric with Tray. Tray: 20.5"x9.75" Milk and sugar bowls 4.5" tall x 3.5" wide Coffee Pot is 11.75" tall and 6" round with a 1" spout.
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Mini Chocolate Fondue Fountain
If your mom is anything like mine, she'd love pulling out this chocolate fountain at parties!
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KitchenAid Stand Mixer Cook for the Cure® Edition
If you're like me, you probably got a Kitchen Aid mixer when you got married, at a time when the choices were just white, black or silver. Today they come in every fabulous color imaginable, and if you bake a lot, this mixer will probably sit on your counter most of the time — I would love a pink one to brighten up my white kitchen!
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What small kitchen appliances do I need?

If you're just starting out, be sure to stock up on the basics first. Although the necessities differ depending on the person, most can agree that everyone needs a toaster, microwave, blender and coffee maker. A food processor or mixer might be worth the splurge for bakers, while a tea pot is great if coffee isn't your thing (or if you like both!).

What specialty kitchen appliances should I buy?

As you move onto more specialized appliances, think about what you enjoy eating or drinking, and be sure to accommodate those preferences. For example, a diehard coffee drinker might like an espresso machine or coffee grinder, while an ice cream fanatic might get a lot of use out of a gelato or ice cream maker. Other fun appliances to consider include a popcorn maker, fondue pot, juicer, waffle maker, steamer and bread maker.

How do I organize all my small appliances?

Once you accumulate all these new toys, you'll of course need to store them. If you have space to spare, sort through your small appliances and determine which ones you use most often. Place those in a convenient location, like an appliance drawer or lower cabinet, and place infrequently used items in higher cabinets. For a super cramped kitchen, get those eclectic specialty accessories out of the kitchen and into the storage room, basement or garage.
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