9,400 panel headboard Exterior Design Photos

How are the solar panels supported and what output would they generate
How durable are solar panels ? We have sofball size hail here in OK
We can't speak for ordinary panels, but Solar Shingles can withstand up to 1&1/2" hail at 52mph.
are those solar panels for roof hangover
Solar panels as overhang and glass garage door
using solar panels - as a visual and functional design
Clever way to add solar panels
use of solar panels on awnings
awesome. using solar panels as an awning:)
multipurpose solar panels as a sun shade
Ideas to put the solar panels on the roof
right. See more high design with solar panels
Solar panels. Suggestions for energy efficiency were a big theme throughout the thread. There are so many new and attractive ways to incorporate these panels these days.
Enivronmentally FriendlyTruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design
Where do I find thest type panels?
What type of solar panels are these and where can i buy them?
I would like a metal roof and solar panels on my home being built in Arizona
dark metal roof with solar panels
Solar panels integrated into standing seam roof
Film laminate photovoltaic panels integrated into standing seam roof
Thin film laminate photovoltaic panels integrated into a standing
metal roof embedded with solar panels
Solar panels between ribs if we did that kind of metal roof
thin voltaic panels look sleek between the seams
Look for a solar pro who:Offers a strong warranty. Be sure the inverter is covered for at least 10 years and the panels are covered for 20 to 25 years.Uses panels made by a manufacturer based in the U.S. That way your warranty will still protect you if the manufacturer goes belly up.Doesn’t
Hi there can you tell us how the solar panels are held up?
Where can I get solar panel shades
solar panel roof overhang - part 2
solar panels may be worth thinking of. Oboma had some policy where gov't paid
solar panels as awnings. that. is. so. cool.
Solar panels as window shades, like soffits
love the use of solar panels...
common practice to put solar panels on the roof, this multi-family project by Pb Elemental uses them as canopies overlooking the garden. In this case it's important to coordinate the panels with the adjacent landscaping, so the latter does not block the sun; otherwise the panels might be better suited on
Bley Sleeping HouseA.GRUPPO Architects - Dallas
great red! Who makes those cement board panels?
beautiful, can these panels be used for bathroom walls, showers?
How to see these or similar Hardi panels in person?
like to see the application of Hardi Panels in person. Can you recommend neighborhoods or areas where we can see these types of exterior materials? Thanks!
transfers through the panels. It would definitely need to be sealed at at minimum. It' probably something I would try on my own place to test it out, but without that I would be concerned about recommending it to a client. The main concern being about water migration through the panels.
jrcdesign: It is cement-panel (smooth) with X-treme trim from Tamlyn.
Great find for me today! Thanks for sharing the info. I have emailed my James rep and asked if these commercial panels are available for purchase for a residential home.
Idaho Lake HouseStone Interiors
door with the look of a French door. Unlike the two-panel configuration of the typical sliding glass door, the French slider has four panels. The two outer panels are fixed in place; the two inner panels operate. When closed, the two operable panels butt into each other, resting in the same plane, creating
Keep in mind the track can be really wide. A four-panel door will have four separate parallel tracks that can encroach into the home a bit — especially when a screen system is added. With the glass panels and the screen panels, a four-panel door can have a track system 18 inches wide. If this is a concern
in mind the track can be really wide. A four-panel door will have four separate parallel tracks that can encroach into the home a bit — especially when a screen system is added. With the glass panels and the screen panels, a four-panel door can have a track system 18 inches wide. If this is a concern
Pigeon Creek ResidenceLucid Architecture
Hi, It's me again. How did you obtain this blue panel look? What material is that? Is there a system to work with those seams in the panels? Also, how did you achieve the satiny look with different shades of blue? Thank you.
Who makes these cement panels? What wood is
blue-ish panels are? They are great. Thank you!
You might live Swisspearl panels. Check it out!
It is a corrugated steel panel. Some
Some of the companies that make panels like that are Centria, Firestone, and McElroy.
it's western red cedar and cembonit panels.
blue-integral color cement panel with stained cedar and steel siding
Interesting blue panels combined with wood
... as is a panel system, generally fiber cement, that
note the use of ceder color bond and panel
Living Green Roof with Solar Panels
racking system, and has two rows of panel set behind each other, for a total of approximately 2.5kW. Initial estimates put the production at about on third of the homes requirements, but it has actually been producing closer to half. Also on the roof are 2 solar thermal panels which provide a majority of the
solar panels on a flat roof
This is fiber cement board on walls. Solar panels
cedar panels and fiber cement board contrast
Solar panels for all south facing roof surface?
Solar panels look great with this design
Living Green Roof with Solar Panels ZeroEnergy Design “Living Green Roof with Solar Panels” “Modern Cape Cod green home earned LEED Gold certification
rear view of the house shows the standing seam metal roof set at an optimal angle for the solar thermal panels. Barely visible to the left is the other roof form, set at a lower angle for the PV panels. The overhangs are designed for winter sun penetration and summer shading. Photo Credit: Kipnis Ar
There are two types of solar panels on this home - one for electric power (photovoltaic panels) and the other set for solar thermal panels to heat water. The panels that you see in the photo above are the solar thermal panels. If you look carefully in the distance, on the second sloped roof, you can
can see the photovoltaic panels. The solar thermal panels have a pump that pumps water from the hot water system to the top of the panels. The water goes through the black panels, which are heated by the sun, and warms the water. It is pretty amazing how much they can heat water. It can take 60ºF
The New FarmhouseRafe Churchill: Traditional Houses
Love the low visual impct of the solar panels. Brand/Model please?
eco aspects of this build i.e. solar panels and recycled materials
Solar panels blend with ton roof
I like the screen porch and the solar panels.
good way to blend roof solar panels.
solar panels with low visual impact
The house could easily be mistaken for a circa-1890s farmhouse — but a second look reveals the solar panels, which almost blend in with the metal roof. Churchill says that often when people design a modern farmhouse, they reference something like what a member of the landed gentry might have resided
Elemental Design LLCStephenson Design Collective
Can you tell me the details in installing cement board in this fashion ? edge treatment where panels meet? What did you use under the cement board siding
How did you cut the Hardie panels?
color scheme, and the concrete panels
Large fiber cement panels and bricks
white walls are cement panels
Color it modern and bold. Available in large, smooth panels, fiber cement board is ideal for the exterior of a modern house. The rectangular grid created by the joints between panels gives the exterior structure and order. The ability to finish the material in any color enabled the architect of this
Walsh Hollon ResidenceNeiman Taber Architects
saw the reveal comment about Fry Reglet. Are the panels mounted to furring strips to create the rain screen? Any issues with wavy panels using this method? Are you a fan of Fry Reglet and Hardie Panels?
What is used between the cem-fiber panels? Reglet-type system?
love the hardie panel, i was trying to find the standard aluminum extrusion u referred to by james hardie, i havent found any, i just found the one made by fry regret, which i dont like (they r to thick)
Below is a web site to learn more. Pictures are a project we are finishing. Very simple system to let you use a rain screen system with fiber cement panels. Yet with out the face screws. If you want installation directions or have any questions about rain screens email me freycon@gmail.com http://www
Elemental Design LLCStephenson Design Collective
what kind of panel are these and who makes them? How does it compare in cost with stucco?
Are these 4x8/4x9 smooth sheets of hardi-panels that are cut to specific length for look? Are the gaps an overlap? Rabbeted? Thanks!
Kumarnandatk, the exterior is mostly Hardi panel for the light grey and Hardi plank for the white. The darker grey infill is stained cedar.
Hardi plank siding 2 forms, panel and plank
This is an example of Hardi panels
Exterior Material ; Hardi Panels that
Hardi panels & Hardi planks in light &dark gray
We like the combination of fiber cement panels and fiber cement
Mix it up. An especially effective way of using fiber cement panels is to combine them with other materials. Or you can combine fiber cement lap siding with fiber cement panels. The vertical and gridded panels here create orthogonality with the lap siding.
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