3 Farmhouse Outdoor Chaise Lounges

When you think of summer, one of the first images that pops into your head is sitting on a chaise lounge outdoors, preferably poolside. These patio loungers, with their adjustable angles and comfy cushions, are ideal for reading, napping and tanning, which is why they are a backyard staple. They come in a wide variety of sizes and farmhouse styles, including double chaise lounges as big a full-sized bed, and many different materials, such as metal, wood, teak, plastic or rattan. As you get ready to revamp your collection of outdoor lounge chairs, be sure to consider these helpful tips. More 
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What kind of outdoor chaise lounge chairs are available?

Even though a traditional lounger is still the most common purchase, there are a few other options to consider. If you like to lounge around with a friend, a double chaise lounge pairs together two separate seats, which makes it easier to chat. You can also find models with or without armrests, wheels for portability, removable cushions, or a canopy for additional shade. Each of these features will affect the level of relaxation you will be able to achieve on your new chaise lounge, so choose wisely. Think about the overall purpose of the piece and what would best fit on your patio, porch or deck without appearing too cramped.

What material is best for patio lounge chairs?

Because your patio and pool lounge chairs will spend most, if not all, of its time outdoors, you want to be sure to invest in waterproof and weatherproof materials. Metal, rattan, wood, teak, aluminum and wicker are popular options, depending on your style. If you end up purchasing a harder frame, you can also invest in some plush fabric cushions, which add comfort, color and pattern to your outdoor space.

Where should I place my chaise loungers?

If you like to soak in the sun's rays, place your chairs out in the sunshine on your patio or near your pool. If you prefer a shaded spot, a covered patio or near some trees in the backyard would suit you best; you can even add an outdoor umbrella for instant shade. Luckily, a lot of loungers have wheels, which allows you to transport the piece from one side of the yard to the next, depending on your mood.
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