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While filing cabinets and carts have long been a staple of offices everywhere, they are are also extremely beneficial to have around your home. Filing cabinets are great home decor pieces that not only contribute aesthetically to the overall look and feel of a room, but are very practical in keeping your printed life in order. More 
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Finding the perfect filing cabinet for you is a balancing act between features and design. Browse Houzz for styles you like and use these tips below to help you figure out the features you need.

Do I need a filing cabinet?

If you don’t run a company out of your home, you may be wondering if a filing cabinet or cart is even necessary. While the number of excessive paperwork lying around the house is dwindling as life becomes more digital, consider enhancing the use of filing cabinets to include more than just paperwork. If you have material samples or paint swatches lying around for future use, store those there. Still have cooking recipes printed out and jammed in an antique cookbook? Get organized with the filing cabinet and even use one in your kitchen. Filing cabinets are more than just a functional means to an end, they are interesting and utilitarian enough in design to contribute to the overall design and look of a room.

What type of filing cabinet do I need?

There are two basic types of filing cabinets: vertical filing cabinets and lateral filing cabinets. More than the fact that one style is tall and thin while the other is shorter and wider, they are also designed to hold different types of documents. Vertical filing cabinets are great for storing and organizing standard sized legal documents and papers. If you have a lot of backlogged paper records stacked in your desk, consider a vertical filing system for easy archival organization. Plus, their overall footprint tends to be smaller. Lateral filing cabinets work well for storing oversized papers or papers that need to be stored flat. Since they tend to be wider, they also have less drawers and are therefore shorter. This allows for usable desk or table space on top of the cabinet. For those of you who can’t confine your records to a single room or area, portable filing carts or printer caddies are just as efficient and can easily be carted from room to room. This is especially useful for storing papers that may be temporary or lower in volume.

What additional security features do I require?

While many critical and necessary documents have gone digital, there are still a number of documents that need to remain as printed hard copies. It’s important to have those items stored safe and secure in your at home filing cabinet. Consider a filing system with a lock, or even a fireproof cabinet. There are a number of safety measures available on most filing cabinets and carts depending on your needs. Even if you don’t professionally rely on the safety of your paperwork, knowing that anything you put inside your filing cabinet will remain in pristine condition regardless is important.
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