3,785 Food Containers and Storage

Storage is a never-ending conundrum in a kitchen, regardless of whether yours includes a pantry, or you're currently storing your canned goods in the oven. There never seems to be enough space for what you need, and placing items out on the counter in dingy plastic container just isn't an ideal option. Picking something that's visually pleasing and functional can be a bit of a dilemma. More 
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What should I look for in food storage containers?
Make sure you know exactly what you plan on storing, and where this container will be stored. Pay attention to how well it seals. If you're buying a bread tin, you want to be confident that it seals tightly and that your bread won't be going stale anytime soon. The same is true for pet food containers.

What food container materials work best?
Materials are another important consideration. Due to safety concerns, plastic is slowly drifting out of the norm, and being replaced with safer alternatives — mainly glass. Stainless steel containers are often used for bread and cracker tins, and insulated food containers work great for freezer storage. Often, these containers have airtight lids, which helps keep food fresher, longer.

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