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Mill Valley CabinsFeldman Architecture, Inc.
Is ths garden on the roof?
I love the idea of growing plants, vegetation on the roof. are there big chances to have leaks into the hous
Concerned about the extra weight on the roof
I live in Canada and we have to be concerned anout the weight of the snow on our roofs. Many
Many people shovel their roofs. This garden is an awesome idea but how can roofs cope with the weight?
I agree! Just curious if these roofs could handle northern country winters Any suggestions?
Green roof and hidden in cutters
That roof looks buff as a mutha, but I like the idea of farming on your roof. Nice low pitch, growing some herbs and such, opening up all that wasted space on the roof. Also all the benefits of green roofs.
Green roof garden shedGraham Design and Construction
used EPDM which is basically rubber. There are newer types materials you could use as well. Any roofer could easily install a roof membrane for you.
How did you prevent the roof from rotting underneath?
Green roof garden shed-just like in my dreams.
Add a green roofMake your shed more environmentally friendly by installing a green roof planted with shallow rooting plants such as small succulents and groundcovers. They will help clean and slow stormwater runoff as it hits the roof, while also insulating the space below. You’ll need to insert a rubber
rubber roof membrane below the green roof for waterproofing purposes.
Mill Valley CabinsFeldman Architecture, Inc.
Great Eco Design Roof Top Garden
Love everything about it....read-Garden on roof, redwood lined paths, yoga and art studio...
Hillside home with living roof
which roof plants to us
Garden on the roof...roof top garden...Roof garden
Mill Valley CabinsFeldman Architecture, Inc.
The pattern rather than the roof
Great roof! Would you have
green roof with sedums and skylight
The roof's role in both the landscape and architecture of the site and design is a unique aspect of this project. Because of the necessary terracing, the roof of the lower cabin (the yoga studio), is the initial site experience. The green roof is really the curb appeal of the property — the first facade
opportunity to treat the roof as a canvas, more so than a typical green roof, and designed it as a living piece of art, full of succulents and other plants found throughout the project.
First steps: Once your contractor has installed and water tested the membrane, your roof is ready to be planted
planted. There are two ways to do this: Use a modular system of planted living roof trays.Add soil and plant your roof as though it were a garden in the ground, as shown here.
What are the barriers between the soil on the roof and the sheathing? (And the doors are hung upside down, with one of the braces replaced. If it was necessary to hang them upside down, then the braces need to be reversed, which should be easy if they need to be replaced,)
Green roof - The advantage of modular roof trays like the ones used on this shed roof is that they come pre planted
idea for the garden shed...live roof
New shed old door grass roof
to show the more interesting, weathered side of the wood. The small roof is covered with a low-maintenance, lush garden from Live Roof. The live roof adds texture to the roof, absorbs heat and helps mitigate water runoff.
Shed roofs get their names from the structures they originally housed: sheds
Mill Valley CabinsFeldman Architecture, Inc.
What is the roof subsurface? How deep does the soil need to be?
are currently working with Pride Corner in Connecticut, distributors of LiveRoof to grow and then they have licensed installers of the system and plants.
I love your roof garden . I am designing addition with a low slope roof a 30x25 area in New England and want to have a vegetable garden on top
Green roof for old roof section
A green roof is something I would invest in.
the land, with a rooftop providing the space to garden. Learn more about rooftop gardens and green roofs
2. Add a green roof. A green roof, which is basically a giant raised-bed garden placed atop a roof, can help cool the air, insulate the interior of your home, and even provide extra room to garden
Mill Valley CabinsFeldman Architecture, Inc.
What type of green roof systems do you use? Thanks! Beautiful work.
Living roof. Eco friendly and blends in with the surrounds.
Use of glass. Green roof
ROOF TOPS Maximize green views by "greening" visible roofs. A green roof stocked with indigenous plants calms and de-stresses viewers.
"greening" visible roofs. A green roof stocked with indigenous plants calms and de-stresses viewers.
Green out doors garden on roof
“ROOF TOPS Maximize green views by "greening" visible roofs. A green roof stocked with” “story
story with at least one green roof, and the Mill Valley Cabins near San Francisco are some of the most exceptional ones on Houzz. The series of green roofs let the cabins merge into the dense forest context.
Mill Valley CabinsFeldman Architecture, Inc.
are there any specifications for the roof - just in case of branch fall etc
I have a quarry site, with lots of mature trees, and would want to ensure roof is structurally able to bear mechanical failure of nearby branches. Any help gratefully received, thanks
roof curve & contemp front -garden top
terraced roof, garden on the roof??
Harmony with the setting. This green roof blends perfectly with the extended view and makes the cabin look less obtrusive in the landscape. A vegetated roof is less disruptive of local habitat than a typical roof.
Texas Hill HouseIncorporated
What kind of roof tiles are used here? It's a beautiful profile. Nicer than a standing seam roof.
metal roof, metal & wood siding
Illustrates how a large metal roof might
The roof tiles are Zalmag. http://www
single slope roof Hill Country Texas
which is enhanced by the metal roof.
This last example shows that a ribbon window need not follow the other Five Points, resulting in a Corbusian-influenced house. This house, called Texas Hill House but actually in upstate New York, features a dramatic shed roof in metal. The low end is clad in
Guida ResidenceFrederick + Frederick Architects
Would this roof be considered a "French Gable"?
going up the side? Are they composite boards? i have similar colored metal roof and looking for decking to match
It is a standing seam roof by Englert Roofing
is that a standing seam roof...can you share details on roofing material ?
The small roof over the garage doors could help with our snow removal problem
Here again is a bit of a roof on the garage.
Guest house garage with dormers, metal roof
Dog TrotFrederick + Frederick Architects
It looks like you have a gutter at the small roof, however i don't see a downspout
Could you tell me what color the metal roof is?
What is the color name of the metal roof??
The roof is zinc so that is its natural color
It's framed out the same as you would do a porch roof, except supported by the brackets rather than posts.
garage with room above it. dormer. roof lines
steel roof forward slope, turn garage into family room
Mazama Guest CabinFINNE Architects
The roof is “lifted” by a continuous band of clerestory windows, and the upstairs living space has a large glass wall facing a beautiful view of the mountain face known locally as Goat Wall. The project is characterized by sustainable cedar siding and recycled metal roofing; the walls and roof have
Does the slanted roof has gutters.
6-feet of snow during some winters, the house does not have gutters. The snow and ice just ruin the gutters. However, there are roof overhangs of up to 5-feet, to keep the roof water away from the house. http://www.houzz.com/photos/4686678/Mazama-House-Under-Construction-modern-exterior-seattle
the roof is great this is nicest lines
One pitched roof would that work.?
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