3,172 Gardening and Irrigation

Whether you’re an occasional gardener or an avid daily gardener, properly tending to your yard can require a vast amount of equipment. Although you can collect the more specialized tools later as you gain more experience and expertise, there are some accessories that every gardener should own. More 
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What gardening tools do I need?

When it comes to planting and maintaining your garden, your arsenal of tools should include at least a pruner, spade, shovel, rake and hoe plus shears, along with a wheelbarrow to haul away the unnecessaries. To keep your garden organized, you will need twine to designate specific plots and garden labels to distinguish between similar-looking plants. And finally, don’t forget to water! Have a garden hose or watering can on hand to make the irrigation process a breeze.

As a gardener (or soon-to-be gardener), you’ll likely spend a good portion of your Saturdays toiling out in the dirt, so be sure to buy the necessary accessories to protect yourself, too. Wearing gardening gloves make the process of pulling weeds a little less arduous, while a hat and sunglasses can help you avoid sunburn during those long days in the garden.
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