184 Graters and Peelers

Graters and peelers use sharp, slotted surfaces to prep food for cooking or snacking. Trying to shred cheese or peel potatoes would be a nightmare without these tools. Although they’re helpful for the basics, you can also whip up some pretty nifty culinary creations with a julienne peeler or a microplane grater. Learn which device will be the best for each task with the following information: More 
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What is the difference between a grater and a zester?

They are technically the same tool, but their slot size (the little holes) vary. A lemon zester, for example, will have tiny slots to create small pieces of zest that release lots of citrus flavor. Larger slots are typical on a cheese grater, which produces larger shreds perfect for any dish that calls for melted cheese. A box grater has various slots on all four sides to give you a range of shredding sizes from very fine to coarse. A microplane grater or zester has razor-sharp teeth in both directions, which makes them very quick and efficient at grating even the tougher foods, like parmesan.

What are my peeler options?

Peelers can serve as both cleaning and prepping devices in the kitchen. A potato peeler or vegetable peeler, with their long wide slot, are designed to peel off the outer layer to remove unwanted skin or dirt. An apple peeler-corer-slicer will remove the apple skin, as well as core and slice the fruit all at once — super helpful to prep apple pies and kids snacks. A julienne peeler, with sharp teeth in the single slot, can turn a whole veggie into long thin strips without the hassle of a knife. The skin on oranges can be difficult to break, unless you have an orange peeler to do the dirty work. Lastly, a garlic peeler lets you quickly reveal the clove without getting garlic under your fingernails — you can finally avoid smelling garlic on your hands for days.
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