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Griddles are one of those multifaceted kitchen tools — they make great pancakes, eggs, burgers and even vegetables. Their close relative, the grill pan, is similarly versatile, since it makes anything from chicken to toasted sandwiches (with the help of a good panini press). For a large family, an electric griddle can be an excellent alternative to a skillet, since they are often larger and longer. The following will help you pick the right griddle and have you cooking in no time. More 
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What are my stove top grill options?

Grill pans and griddle pans might be in the same family, but they have small differences. A grill pan — or a grill plate if it has no handle — has raised ridges that let air between part of the pan and the food. This allows juices and fat to drain from the food, which helps create those great marks synonymous with grilling. Grill pans are traditionally the smaller of the stovetop grill options, but they are just as effective.

Griddles will typically have a flat surface so that your food is in complete contact with the pan. They occasionally have both flat and ridged sections, which are great for using multiple cooking techniques simultaneously (think a sausage and pancake griddle, yum!). Look for a double burner griddle if you want one large cooking surface.

Is a cast iron griddle pan the best option?

Griddles come in a wide variety of materials, including cast iron, aluminum and stainless steel. The material influences the weight, cooking ability and price of the product. A cast iron griddle is the most heavy-duty option and is ideal for using pretty much everywhere — stovetop, grill or over a campfire. While a cast iron grill pan will cost a little more, it can last you a lifetime with proper care. Aluminum is more affordable but not as durable, and while a stainless steel griddle is not as common, it’s oftentimes a sturdier alternative.

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