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Cliff Line Road - Golden CO
Jon Eady Photographer
Unknown. I'm the photographer not the contractor. Sorry. Jon
I don't know as I'm the photographer not the contractor. Go to the Cliff Line Road page
I'm the Photographer not the contractor. Sorry, I don't know.
Dude... I'm the photographer not the contractor. See
They are Aspen Trees. They are not growing or alive. I'm the photographer not the building contractor. You could contact Faye Crowe
Dwell on Despard
Joshua Lawrence Studios INC
I'm trying to figure out how to implement a design like this for my office.
closed position?the clearance it would take for this door to be operable with I'm guessing approximately 8" in depth and the hardware to keep door in closed
I'm curious what this looks like from the inside of the room. Does it have drywall
capable of supporting such a weight for an infinite amount of time. But, i'm interested in what the developer of this project suggests. Thanks
Sorry I can't help you I'm just the photographer. Contact Urban Core Ventures (...) for info.
Kemp Hall Studio
I'm sorry but I don't have that information.
I'm sorry but it was selected by the interior designer and I don't have that i
I'm sorry but I don't have that information. That was the interior designer.
Millwork & Cabinetry
Vincentsen•Blasi Architecture, LLC
I have a similar style hallway and I'm looking to replace my current bench with something similar to this one. I've
I'm sorry, but we do not have access to that information.
I'm sorry, but we no longer have that information.
Lisel Lane
Jesse Bay Cabinet Co.
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Hyde Evans Design
No I'm sorry. If I had known of one, I would have specified it. It is a blue grey shade.
You're most welcome. I'm glad you like them
still use as a dining table in a very long room. We had to go with custom! I'm glad you like it
Michael Abrams Limited
on the trim, looking at this photo the swatch looks more like the walls. I'm going to be using it on thick window trim
decorative element I suppose; just stands out to me as a little odd, gives it an M.C. Escher feel! Again, floors are so impressive..
Love this look. I'm leaning more and more towards the vertical panels. This floor is gorgeous.
lowcountry river house
Frederick + Frederick Architects
This is marmoleum? I'm sorry, I don't believe it.
Those floors.....so beautiful. If those were in my house, I'm afraid I would get nothing done but sit and admire them....*sigh*
I'm in love
Detailed Hallway
Fratantoni Luxury Estates
I'm wondering if the dark wood on the outside is actual wood, or the tile that
You're welcome! There are many options. Yours will be perfect, I'm sure. I framed one client's inherited, beveled plate glass mirror with her
creative side loose, we often amaze ourselves. Have fun with your project. M
Forum Phi - Architecture | Interiors | Planning
Love the rugs where are they from? I'm having no luck finding runners and these are just what I need :)
Could you tell me where the larger lights on the ceiling are from? Thanks, M.
RH light for our hallway? It's 52" across, 8ft ceiling, picture attached. I'm thinking 13" but would love your opinion. Thanks in advance!
King West Bachelor Suite
Nest Design Studio
I'm using the same wallpaper in my dining room! (Birch trees) - Dana (Leeanna
I love the moulding/trim you put here, but I have a 8 foot ceiling. I'm debating whether the chair railing/ moulding will make the ceiling look even
designed in years, and all of our belongings have been in storage since June so I'm working from memory!! Yikes. (My girls loved seeing Charlie on your pages
Jane Lockhart Interior Design
Jane Lockhart Interior Design
We have a small kitchen with 2 corners. I'm building our cabinets and need to know of best use of space with latest corner
walls and it looks nothing like this, rather a muddy purply pinky brown. I'm on the verge of pulling my hair out. I have pewter/brownish maple laminate
Jane, I'm hoping you can help. I have a White cabinet with a light choc brushstroke and
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