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library sales. I don't know what exactly triggered it, but he finally saw that of all his books, there were only a few genres he actually read, and about everything else he would say, "That looks interesting," and put it on the shelf. (Full disclosure: My sister probably shelved it.) They are moving later
donations or sales to my local bookstore. I have to love a book to keep it.Books may not be something you want or need to declutter, but collections are a great place to start the process. All that Coke memorabilia you acquired in the '90s gathering dust in your basement? What about abandoned hobbies? It's
Waldfogel ResidenceEhrlich Architects
HATE FOR SALE -- love it
Hate for sale artwork
Mountain RetreatVintage Lumber Sales
Lumber Sales and timber framing by Carolina Timberworks.
Lumber Sales
Sale Street ResidenceBernbaum-Magadini Architects
Sale Street Residence
Sale ResidenceP. Shea Design
Sale Residence
storewide sale, and quickly established a relationship as they bought furnishings for their primary residence in Newport Beach. So, when the couple decided to invest in this gorgeous second home, in one of the ritziest enclaves in North America, they sought Sarah’s help in transforming the outdated 1960s
Chair DetailShannon Malone
garage sale find; Stephanie had it reupholstered by Pierre Deux in Carmel, California.
garage sale find; Stephanie had it reupholstered by Pierre Deux in Carmel, California.Paint: Butter (ligt yellow) and Madera (dark yellow), Dunn-Edwards
Entry HallRWA Architects
$1,520, sale price $895 no charge for shipping . contact me if u are interested
MagnoliaHyde Evans Design
contact us: Sales@GalileeLighting.com. Phone 305-807-8711 www.GALILEELIGHTING.com
lowcountry river houseFrederick + Frederick Architects
email to sales@archantiques.com or give us a call at 612-332-8344 for more information.
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