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When a baby can sit up on his or her own, and is starting to eat solid food, it's usually time to start looking for a high chair. For most children, this is when they are around 4-6 months old. A high chair can be a valuable furniture investment for parents. Besides being a place to feed your baby, and teach them about sitting at the table, it's also a place to play. Many parents use a high chair to securely and safely place their baby while cooking, or doing other household chores. More 
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Some important things to consider when searching for the best high chair for your baby:

How easy is the chair to use?

Since this is an item in your house that will undergo daily wear and tear, it's vital to purchase something that's simple to use. Can you get your child in and out of it easily? Test a high chair to make sure it's easy to unbuckle and buckle, and the tray is sturdy but easy to take off. Do you need a high chair that can move around? If you purchase a high chair with wheels, make sure that the wheels can lock securely. Also, the tray on the high chair should be deep enough to hold any spilled liquids. Cup holders are a great touch too!

Is the chair easy to clean?

Baby food can make quite a mess. Make sure that your baby's carrot puree won't stain anything, and can be wiped off the chair and tray easily. Some high chairs even come with trays that go in the dishwasher. If the tray can completely pop out, it's usually a bit easier to clean. Make sure the cushion is of a material that's easy to wipe clean, and won't get stained and grimy over time. In terms of structure, plastic and metal high chairs generally clean better than wooden high chairs.

How safe is the highchair?

Is the chair certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association? A chair credited by the JPMA will adhere to specific safety requirements. Look for a chair with a wide, stable base and a low center of gravity. The chair should be sturdy when on the ground, so that it's never in danger of tipping over when a squirming baby is sitting in it. There should be a harness attached to the chair. Make sure it's a 3 point or a 5 point harness for full security, and always buckle your child in — many high chair accidents happen because the child wasn't securely fastened. There should also be a T-bar between the legs, which keeps your child from sliding out under the tray. Lastly, check for hinges, sharp corners, holes, or any other features where your child could potentially get hurt. t hurt.

Is the chair comfortable for your child?

Since your baby will be spending a lot of time in this chair, comfort is vital. Make sure that the seat is well padded and comfortable, with a footrest. Babies grow quickly, so an adjustable high chair that will last more than a couple months can be a huge money saver. Look for height adjustment, tray adjustment, and reclining options — which can be great for babies that can't fully sit up on their own.
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