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playFeldman Architecture, Inc.
Moveable wall - You could use this in between the children's toy room and bedroom or even your bedroom and the bathroom. There is so many places you could put a moveable wall.
moveable wall and architect
LG House - Interiorthirdstone inc. [^]
which are move-able, are 5' wide x 8' high for each child. The Bed alcoves are each 4' x 9'. Curtains are drawn at bedtime. :: thirdstone inc. [^]
contains moveable PAX wardrobe units (5' x 8' high for each child) allowing flexibility to rearrange the room or relocate to an entirely different space within the house. Not visible in this photo (behind this vantage point) is another run of storage cabinetry housing a small tv, shelving for books and
the boys' roomAnnalea Hart
it's moveable
Lord Twig DesignLord Twig Design
room? Moveable?
Yellow and Black NurseryJennifer Bishop Design
hanging bins/moveable
Tween BedroomInDesign / Lori Ludwick
a non-moveable piece....
ScenicDavid Rausch Studio
colors, moveable arrangement
Lazzari Kids RoomLazzari USA - a brand of Foppapedretti
moveable cubbie storage for under desks
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