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Sarah GreenmanSarah Greenman
My home is a ranch style home in Dallas, Texas. We moved to Dallas from Seattle and brought an odd hodge-podge of furniture and decor to create our new home. I love the eclective curated look of our home and the cozy feeling it exudes.
Dallas, TX: Tree HouseSarah Greenman
Channel) is searching for elaborate and interesting homes that were custom-built to reflect the outgoing personalities and passions of the children that live in them. Mirroring the style of other programs that give tours of amazing and unique homes, "Kid's Cribs" will showcase an extremely cool “crib”
their parents. The kids will give fun tours of their amazing homes, while the parents will offer details about the inspiration, how the space came together, and how the viewers can create something similar in their homes. If your family and home fit this description, we’d love to hear from you ASAP! Shooting
Shooting in June and July. Please send over a quick note about your family and the unique features of your home, some photos of the home + family, and your contact info to sarahp@mediarain.com. Thanks and good luck!
Could be an awesome cousin room or guest cabin ranch
ranch style old wood
For a holiday home...Cabin style
Dallas, TX: Tree HouseSarah Greenman
com). It is located in Dallas, Texas. The cost is not entirely known because the architect was a friend of the family who did it over a period of many years, slowly adding on. They also used lots of reclaimed materials and reused old wood. James Curvan's smaller play homes, which can be seen on his
Elk Ridge LodgeCentre Sky Architecture Ltd
were the final selection to enhance the "elegant ranch" feel. A number of exterior decks and patios increase the connectivity of the interior to the exterior and take full advantage of the views that virtually surround this home. Upon entering the home you are encased by massive stone piers and angled
around a number of principles; sense of presence, quality of detail, and durability, the monumental home serves as a Montana Legacy home for the family. Throughout the design process, the height of the home to its relationship on the ridge it sits, was recognized the as one of the design challenges. Techniques
like architectural aesthetic. Dry stack parkitecture stone bases that gradually decrease in scale as they rise up portray a firm foundation for the home to sit on. Historic wood planking with sanded chink joints, horizontal siding with exposed vertical studs on the exterior, and metal accents comprise
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My Houzz: Asheville Home
Dallas, TX: StolpSarah Greenman
Table from Neighborhood Store in Dallas
Armoire blanche: style de poignee
Schoolhouse sleek. These locker-style cabinets can hold shelves, boxes and toys galore, and add some minimalism to an otherwise busy room.
Homes school room!!...Dallas, TX: Stolp
Home Design PhotosJean Macrea Interiors, Inc.
Love the style of this room.
not the style but the layout for 2nd bdrm.
Looking to later times of settlers out West, rustic Western style is another take.
the style...Decor for ranch...cowboy style...Home Design Photos
Camano Island RemodelRGN Construction
I have a 3600 sq ft new home with hardly any furniture and have no idea where to start. A little overwhelming, high vaulted ceilings cream carpet and builder off white walls!
Help with new large home
Not the style just the shape concept
your normal style bunk beds.
Cabin style fun room
Holiday home...love the style
London Bay Custom Home at Grey Oaks
one-of-a-kind Custom Home built by London Bay Homes in Grey Oaks located in Naples, Florida. London’s Bay talented team of architects and designers have assisted their clients in creating homes perfectly suited to their personalities and lifestyles. They’ve incorporated styles and features from around
Dallas, TX: Beth & Joe Gillespie
also painted the colorful beach-inspired artwork.Beth cites space constraints as the family's biggest design dilemma, and says, "We really love our home and neighborhood. However, with four kids, three bedrooms and two baths, we are not sure how much longer we can make it work."
ehat white paint color did you use throughout home
Wow! This is a wonderful surprise. I'm using my wife's account to thank Lisa for giving my art a loving home. I'm touched. I was in college when I painted it, somewhere around '89, and it was one of my first sales. I still see influences from this one in my recent work. If you're curious I've got
I'm not sure. I wasn't able to get that information from the home owner.
lime green Panton mini-chairs that tie in perfectly with the portrait painting. The tiger head above the arcade game symbolizes the humorous design style. "I love blow-up animals for the pool and rubber Halloween masks," Lisa says. "The tiger head lands somewhere in the middle. I'm not into animal mounts
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