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living roomElad Gonen
A big, black chandelier. Elegant but not cheery. Morticia would l-o-v-e this.
Colonial RevivalAnnette English
way to get the look is to do the pinching on the top of the fabric so the 'V' looks upside down, and the fabric flows out from there. This is technically
The use of mixed textures in the form of subtle patterned rugs, horizontal V-joint wall paneling and soft, sheer S-fold curtains come together in an elegant
Stern Turner HomeErica George Dines Photography
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Coastal ContemporaryKrista Watterworth Design Studio
A V-shape arrangement for furniture placement, such as this sofa layout, is powerful and not used frequently enough. This V shape gives an
and breakfast which are directly behind the V and their division aligns with the intersecting point of the V.
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I guess so? T.V. on the side with fireplace bottom sticking out to either sit on or decorate
I like the t.v. At the side of the fireplace.
wall and where the fireplace is .....Is where we will have our Flat screen t.v. and under neath it will also be shelves as well !naturally You will have to
The chimney n T.V in good proportion
Living roomOptimise Design
sleek shelf with storage and also is ledge for company to sit on by fire, T.v. ledge
Simple...foyer et tV
Switchback HouseManchester Architects, Inc.
Offset separation of spaces. T.v. Side of the room, sitting side of the room. That could be interesting.
why didnt they make the fireplace longer, then put the t.v. above it
Side by side t.v. And fireplace.
Living RoomSusan Diana Harris Interior Design
T V stand...t.v. stand...Cobra t.v. Stand! Green light
Steel LoftBob Greenspan Photography
A contemporary look to a rustic loft space. V-8 coffee table designed and fabricated by Joe Munson Studios. ©2013 Bob Greenspan Photography
V8 coffee table / BRICK...Engine block v8 table housing
LivingroomV.I.Photography & Design
White A/V room
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