5 Mediterranean Household Cleaning Supplies

Everything looks fabulous when it’s fresh out of the box. But what about six months in when your hardwood floors have been scuffed up, your marble countertops have seen numerous spills and stains, and your perfect beige walls have dirty fingerprints and crayon marks on them? That’s when it’s time for the hardworking house cleaning supplies to step up and get to work. Although they may not be the most exciting or glamorous things you own, their tasks tend to be the most critical when it comes to maintaining and prolonging the lifespan of everything in your home. Different rooms require different cleaning supplies, and it’s easiest to build up your arsenal according to each room. Read on to find out which supplies are considered essential for the most common spaces — kitchens and bathrooms. More 
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What kitchen cleaning supplies do I need?

From deodorizing your refrigerator to polishing your kitchen countertops, cleaning supplies are what make a kitchen run smoothly. Essentials include scrubbing brushes, surface cleaners and all purpose cleaners, cleaning cloths and sponges, and deodorizers. Each of these are very beneficial for maintaining not only a visually clean kitchen, but a sanitary one. Many people keep cleaning supplies beneath the kitchen sink or in a supply closet, but there are also wall mounted racks to keep your products on display and within reach if you prefer.

What bathroom cleaning supplies do I need?

The bathroom is another room of the house that requires specific cleaning supplies. Necessities for this space include all-purpose bathroom cleaners (will work for the majority of exposed surfaces in this space), glass cleaner (for mirrors), toilet bowl cleaner, as well as shower cleaner for stubborn tiles and grout. Also, this is particularly germy and bacteria prone space, so you will definitely want to wear cleaning gloves. For storing these products most people rely on under sink storage. If that’s not an option for you, try to keep them in close proximity but away from food and other consumables.

Should I consider natural cleaners?

These days, a lot of manufacturers have opted for a more natural approach to cleaning and what they chemicals they put in their products. Opting for all natural cleaning supplies that are biodegradable and phosphate free are not only safer for the environment, but they are safer for your health as well. “Green” cleaning supplies are on the rise, so it’s not difficult to track down some natural alternatives to the products you’re used to. Some people may be deterred by the slightly higher prices of natural cleaners and supplies, but by paying the little extra you will be doing your part to create a healthier environment both in your home and out.
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