1,101 Mediterranean Tile

Browse a large selection of mediterranean tile on Houzz, including backsplash tile, floor tile, shower tile, decorative tile, mosaic tile and wall tile.
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Chair Rail Jeruselam Gold Polished 2x12 Marble Liner
$15.50 | Glass Tile Store
Matchstix Raging Sea Glass Tile
$14.50 | Glass Tile Store
Jerusalem Gold 1/2 X 1 Classic Brick Marble Tiles
$16.95 | Glass Tile Store
Loft Natural White Polished 3" X 6" Glass Tiles
$15.95 | Glass Tile Store
Brushed Stone Athens Gray 2x8 Marble Tile
$14.50 | Glass Tile Store
Alloy Deco Blizzard Glass Mosaic Tile
$16.99 | Glass Tile Store
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