6 Mediterranean Makeup Mirrors

For those who can't live without a makeup mirror, finding a high-quality unit that ensures optimal plucking and makeup applying is key. Ranging from a simple vanity mirror to a larger lighted unit with major magnification, the vanity mirror market is full of options. As you pick out your next mediterranean purchase, be sure to consider these tips. More 
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Should I buy a wall-mounted or freestanding makeup mirror?

For those who are serious about applying makeup, a wall-mounted unit is great option. Although they are more expensive than the basic models, you can adjust the height and decide whether to sit or stand. They also often come with an extendable arm, so you can move it toward you or place it flush against the wall to save space.

On the other hand, a freestanding mirror is a more affordable option that still allows for plenty of flexibility. Instead of being mounted on the wall, this unit can be moved from room to room, and can be placed on tables, desks and counters for the necessary height variation. Many of these units come with an LED light, but since most need to be plugged in, it can limit where and when you use it.

What are some makeup mirror features to look for?

The best makeup mirrors have a high magnification level to ensure prime makeup application, but some are better than others. Regardless of whether you're a perfectionist or OK with the minimum, be sure to find the magnification level that makes you comfortable (and will be most useful). Another helpful tool that many models have is a lighted frame. The nicer models are touch activated, while the more affordable options include an on and off switch or button. Oftentimes, the lighting has different levels of brightness, while the high-end models replicate natural lighting found outdoors. Finally, for the ultimate luxury, invest in a mirror with a fog-free coating.

What is the best makeup mirror finish?

Your makeup mirror's finish depends on the mediterranean style of your space. Chrome and nickel looks more contemporary, while gold and bronze have a classic feel. The style might also be dictated by personal preferences; for example, black doesn't show as many fingerprints, and therefore is easier to keep clean, while an ornate gold finish can give you that vintage look you've always wanted.
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