7 Midcentury Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are often after thoughts during remodels, but they are an incremental component of your space. After all, you use them almost every day — they help you put on makeup and shave, or merely give you the chance to review your look before heading out the door. Bathroom vanity mirrors come in a wide range of styles, sizes and shapes, which ensures there's one for your style and budget preferences. More 
Alanna Frameless Vanity Mirror
$217.80 $302.99 · Buy on Houzz
No frame restrains this stately mirror, letting it float on your wall, reflecting prisms of light. You may even have visions of Versailles' Hall of Mirrors — and start speaking French! Best of all, it can be hung either horizontally or vertically.
“22 x 34” — judgejanet
Castle Antiques
6 Reviews
Antique Oval Mirror with Cupids on Top
This a hand carved oval mirror with cupids on top. The mirror is on a gold color with distressed finish.
Castle Antiques
6 Reviews
Louis XVI Style Mirror
This is a Louis XVI Italian Mirror with gold leaf molding & carvings all around. Mirror is in great condition and fully reflective.
“style” — diannelisle
Castle Antiques
6 Reviews
1920 Heavily Carved Mirror
1920 Louis XV heavily carved wood mirror with a dark finish. The mirror is flat polish and does have some age spots and little foxing but still reflexive.
Castle Antiques
6 Reviews
Black and Gold German 1930s Mirror
1930 German style mirror made of wood with a black and gold leaf finished. The frame of the mirror has Griffin carvings atop the piece. The mirror is flat polish and is still fully reflexive.
“magic” — Rachel Loeb
1 Review
Art Ceram | One Shot Stone Mirrors - Set of 3
Overview Made in Italy by Art Ceram. A part of the . The fluid design and eye-catching form of the One Shot Mirrors - Set of 3 adds unquestioned modern appeal to a variety of rooms. Perfect for bathrooms, hallways, and bedrooms alike; these stylish mirrors deliver a crystal clear reflection with minimal glare. Customize your bath space with this unique mirror set. Product Fe...More
Castle Antiques
6 Reviews
1970's European Style Large Trumeau Mirror
This is a large Trumeau Mirror,with a wood carved frame, two paintings one on top of the frame depicting cupid, another on the center top frame depicting a woman picking up flowers with cupid in a garden background. Mirror is fully reflective.
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Fresca Contento 43 Espresso Modern Bathroom Vanity w/ Mirror
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Keuco | New Elegance Vertically Illuminated Light Mirror USA
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Ambiance Bain | Mica Large Mirror
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Ambiance Bain | Mica Small Mirror
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Fresca Allier 36 Gray Oak Modern Bathroom Vanity w/ Mirror
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Fresca Energia Orange Modern Bathroom Vanity & 3 Panel Folding Mirror
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When shopping for a bathroom mirror, be sure to review the following:

What bathroom vanity mirror works best for me?

Do you need it to double as storage with a medicine cabinet, or are you looking for something more decorative? Your needs may change depending on which bathroom you’re looking to outfit. Is it the master bath, which will get a lot of use from two people, or a guest bathroom, used only on occasion? Draw on these factors as a guide to help you make a decision.

What style should my bathroom mirrors be?

If you have a contemporary bathroom, consider a sleek square design or a one with a stainless steel frame — or no frame at all. If you’re going for a more eclectic look, add a mirrored face to an antique piece or choose a vintage-style Venetian option. Your walls should also help dictate your choice: are they tiled or painted? Paneled or wallpapered? Depending on your design style, your mirror frame can offer a bold contrast, or complement an already-there pattern or hue.

What size vanity mirrors should I consider?

This is based both on preference and available space in your bathroom. Generally, the larger the better, particularly if you have a double vanity with a shared mirror. This is also true for small spaces — if you have a tiny bathroom, a large, shiny surface will make the space seem larger and reflect more light. The size can also help reinforce style; if you have a smaller, more traditional vanity, you may prefer the look of a decorative option no wider than the sink. The key is to strike the balance with the piece and its surrounding elements while also achieving the function you desire.

Should I buy a lighted mirror?

Lighted mirrors are great because they don't require you to compromise on lighting. Overhead lighting can create shadows, so side-lit mirrors provide even distribution of light. For a trendier version of the side-lit approach, try backlit mirrors — they are more contemporary, offer plenty of sunshine, and make for an interesting bathroom focal point.
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