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Feldman ArchitectureFeldman Architecture, Inc.
love this roof. Who is the architect? How much per sq ft would it cost? what is the maintenance?
Beautiful flowers and ferns on a green roof
How to install a green roof
green roof be sure your roof can handle
roof garden ? que plantas usar
Green Roof: You’ll likely need to start with a structural engineer to be sure your roof can handle the extra weight
intensive green roof right at home in this California garden.
Add-On Number 2: Green Roof Pros: Adding insulation, cooling your home, cleaning the air and reducing the amount of storm-water runoff are just a few of the benefits of adding a green roof to your home. Planting green roofs in urban areas
size of your roof and the type of garden), a green roof may also require some structural reinforcement to support the weight of the plants and soil. Upkeep also can be an issue — even automatic irrigation systems and native plant gardens need maintenance from time to time, and other roof repairs can be
Lake House Two - ExteriorMcClellan Architects
The green ground cover is woolly thyme. Thanks
We used a green roof contractor. I believe the system we used was from Carlyle.
Flat Roofing, Flat Roof Home Ideas | General Roofing Systems Canada (GRS) | +1.877.497.3528 | info@grscanadainc.com
How natural and beautiful is this green roof. Good for the bottom line on utilities too!
Extensive and intensive roofs on the same project. The extensive green roof in the middle ground of this photo has shallow soil and shallow-rooted plants. The rooftop garden in the foreground is comprised of pavers laid over a suspended infrastructure with intensive green roof borders.
Environmental friendly roofs. Recycled materials, living plants, or solar paneling can be installed on existing roofs. Additional structural support may be needed when considering rooftop vegetation.Adding Interest: The green roof of this lakefront house has become part of the view from the patio.
2 Bar Green RoofFeldman Architecture, Inc.
I love the idea of having a garden on your roof. However, I have no idea how I would begin to go about turning my roof into a garden. This is such a great idea and a great way to avoid having to see the sometimes ugly roof shingles. Thanks for the great picture and idea.
How to the upright supports connect to the roof itself? Does the roof have an internal frame that it can join
yourself my suggestion to you is to speak with a qualified Roofing Contractor. They will be able to give you a clear outline of the costs in building a roof system of this caliber. 'Alwaysdesigning' is right about the structural support, a "Green Roof" is quite heavy. It would be wise to discuss your project
and they will be able to let you know if your existing structure is strong enough to support the roof. Or they will be able to tell you how to build it to meet structural building codes.
EricWhitney Lyons
What maintenance is required on this type of green roof?
Green roof extending off master bedroom
Portland OR - concrete/wood, alter. energy, green roof
Could we do this on our green roof?
I love the idea of a green roof. This is the first I've seen that also features a sitting area. That goes
Green roof patio off master on 2nd floor
Once it’s planted, a green roof will extend off the master bedroom. “It’s a great place to walk out and enjoy
old new roof - to a green roof?
Once it’s planted, a green roof will extend off the master bedroom. “It’s a great place to walk out and enjoy the sunset in the evening,” says Thompson. You can see the coast range.” The green roof will also serve as an added insulation barrier, keeping the rooms beneath it cool in the summer and warm
Noland Landscape DesignNoland Landscape Design
Naturalistic garden featuring lush plantings for year round interest, new entry fence with arbor and modern garden shed green roof. Photos by Bill Noland.
with green roof, rhododendrons, poss camellias
I could grow a little roof garden
tool shed w planter on roof
Living roof and horizontal slats for airflow.
I wonder if plants on the coop roof would increase or decrease the deer visits?
Ecologia MontrealAlexandre Parent
A green roof populated by native plants helps insulate the house. Possible for Ramsay?
green roof to insulate the house
A green roof keeps heat inside the house and a solar panel generates electricity. This is double green technology integrated to perfection.
A green roof populated by native plants helps insulate
A green roof populated by native plants helps
A green roof populated by native plants helps insulate the house.On average, people in Montreal buy and sell their homes every five years, Karsenti says. "This mentality promotes people choosing materials with short life spans, ones that fill the waste sites. But we plan on staying in this home for as
Living Green Roof with Solar Panels
Modern Cape Cod green home earned LEED Gold certification for green features including solar electric, a green roof, and the use of sustainable materials. Construction by Cape Associates. Photos by Michael J Lee. Green architecture by ZeroEnergy Design. www.Zeroenergy.com
is set on a flat roof with an angled racking system, and has two rows of panel set behind each other, for a total of approximately 2.5kW. Initial estimates put the production at about on third of the homes requirements, but it has actually been producing closer to half. Also on the roof are 2 solar thermal
Living Green Roof with Solar Panels ZeroEnergy Design “Living Green Roof with Solar Panels” “Modern Cape Cod green home earned LEED Gold certification for green features including solar electric, a green roof, and the use of sustainable materials. Construction
Deep Eddy Residence - AustinBaldridge Architects
Photo Casey Dunn Streetfront of the Deep Eddy Residence, featuring its sod roof front yard.
The BasicsA green roof is simply one that fosters the growth of vegetation. It is made of a waterproofing layer, a root barrier, a drainage system and growing medium for the plants. "Intensive" green roofs, or roof gardens, can be accessible and can include much larger plants and even water features
RemickHuettl Landscape Architecture
How much does it cost to put the green roof on top of the garage?
really green highy spike grass. I really like it
What type of grass is that to the left of your driveway. The really green high spiky grass? Really like it.
Costs can vary quite a bit. That is a modular green roof system from Greengrid Roofs I believe.
Green Roof Option for Guest House...
Love the roof flashings and garage door
Roof garden...sod roof, better if it were terraced into hillside.
garage drs, dricveway. ligh fixtures green roof
Box concept (without wood) - garage roof "living" garden
Enriched composition. This green roof provides all of the environmental benefits of a living roof and complements the strong lines of this home's modern architecture.
Russian HillJohn Maniscalco Architecture
glass walls on the roof deck
The green roof on the right side of this photo may seem like a letdown after the previous example, but the reality of green roofs is also ... well, brown. Like many plants
wow roof deck www.m-architecture.com san francisco
the sky lights are amazing, green/dirt roof, fire pits
Sedum green roof - extensive not intensive
time to take). Still, it helps make the points that the beauty of the green roof is varied, and that a green roof is as much about the soil as the plants.
For this residence, designers Zero Energy Design incorporated a green roof in a raised section that allows people in the living room and adjacent
eye level. The hybrid system by LiveRoof uses trays with soil and plants placed side-by-side to give the impression of a seamless extensive green roof. Read more about this house.
Port Washington ResidenceNarofsky Architecture + ways2design
Check out the Portland Ecoroof program, which provides incentives to developers who design vegetated roof systems.
green roof of low mossy grasses. Wiht pebble trim. This can even use succulents and make patterns on the roof with different coloured plants!
Myth No. 3: Green roofs may look nice, but they can cause structural
clear: A leaky roof is independent of whether it's a green roof or a traditional roof. It has to do with the installation and design specification of the structure. All roofs must have a proper waterproofing membrane, green roofs included.
The advantages of stormwater mitigation have been noticed by the city of Portland, which now runs the Portland Ecoroof Program, providing incentives to developers who design vegetated roof systems.
Glass House in the GardenFlavin Architects
greenhouse with a gravel floor. The frame is painted steel with aluminum sliding glass door. The front features a green roof with native grasses and the rear is covered with a glass roof.
great idea for a "green house"
fan pumps hot air out of the house. Deciduous trees shade the glass skylight in summer, allowing light to enter but reflecting excess solar heat. A green roof planted with native grasses mitigates solar heating in the living portion. Sliding glass doors open on both sides of the house, creating a comfortable
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