109 Modern Aprons

Like most kitchen textiles, the apron is both a practical necessity and a fun way to implement color and character into your kitchen. There are two sides to an ideal apron selection: Finding something that is cute (and you won't mind wearing in front of guests), and something that is easy to clean (since it's bound to get pretty messy). While a basic white apron is the choice of professional cooks everywhere, it can get dirty pretty quick. So just be sure to keep this in mind if you're a messy cook! More 
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KOHLER Mariposa(R) 72" x 36" alcove whirlpool with integral apron, tile flange a
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Attitude Aprons 'I'm Too Sexy for This Apron' Blue Apron
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KOHLER Removable apron, 6' x 18-1/2"
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KOHLER Whitehaven(R)Self-Trimming(R) Smart Divide(R) 35-1/2" x 21-9/16" x 9-5/8"
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Blue Chocolate Women's Original Flirty Apron
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Attiude Aprons 'Grilling Definition' Apron
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What style of apron should I buy?

Think about how much you'll actually be using your apron, everyday while cooking for a family of 6? Or will it mainly be hanging on a nearby hook as a pretty accent? It's important to consider durability. Do you love to deep fry? You'll want a heavyweight apron made of study cotton twill material than a flimsy lacy get up to protect you from hot oil jumping out of the pan. Aprons with pockets are also incredibly helpful to store a dishtowel or a recipe while you're at the stove or washing leftover dishes from your latest pasta feed.

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