317 Modern Bird Feeders

Incorporating bird feeders into your outdoor decor is an easy and fun way to interact with nature. Bird feeders look great hanging off an entry porch or landscape tree, and they also provide sustenance for the birds that keep your garden thriving and healthy. More 
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If you’re looking to buy a bird feeder, ask yourself these questions to make sure that you buy the one that is right for you.

What types of bird feeders are available?

Tray or Platform Feeders: These open feeders can be placed on the ground, hung or mounted on a pole. These feeders are extremely versatile and can handle all types of feed and can be used to attract all species.
Hopper Feeders: These feeders hold a large amount of bird seed and provide a nice resting place for birds to enjoy their snack.
Tube Feeders: Tube feeders resemble their namesake and are designed to prevent squirrels from snacking on your treats. These are typically designed for smaller varieties.
Suet Feeders: Usually made of wire mesh, these feeders house suet, a variety of bird feed that is often times used for busy birds in spring due to its high fat content.
Nectar Feeders: Nectar feeders require regular cleaning and are typically used for attracting hummingbirds.

What are the basics to look for when buying a bird feeder?

While there are a wide range of bird feeder styles and designs out there, if you are looking for a feeder to last, make sure that it has all of the following features:
• weather resistant materials
• easy to clean
• durable and well constructed
• squirrel-proof

Additional features to look for include suction cups for close proximity window mounting, bee guards for nectar feeders and feeding ports or perches to allow easy access for the birds (but not squirrels!).

How can I attract birds to my bird feeder?

Successfully attracting birds to eat from your feeders occurs on multiple levels. First off, to initially attract birds to your feeders make sure to research which types frequent where you live. Some feeders are specifically designed to attract certain species depending on what they eat and how they like to feed.

Once you have selected the style of feeder that is suitable to your style and the style of the birds, make sure that it is a feeder that is easily cleaned and that you change the feed periodically to prevent it from going bad. Keeping the bird feeder in a protected area and away from the reach of squirrels or other outdoor creatures will ensure that they feel comfortable stopping by your feeder to eat.
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