865 Modern Fencing and Retainer Walls

Despite being an often-underappreciated outdoor accessory, a fence can bring safety, peace of mind and style to you and your home. This worthwhile investment provides privacy in the midst of suburbia, keeps your kids in and strangers out, and adds some much-needed decorative trim to an otherwise bland yard. More 
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What should I look for in a fence or wall?

As you pick out your fence or retainer wall, be sure to consider its primary purpose. If you’re looking for privacy or safety, a tall brick or stone wall or a solid wood-panel fence might be better than a chain-link fence or smaller picket fence. But it’s a trade-off: While such a tall, sturdy fence ensures neighbors can’t snoop and creatures can’t find their way in, it also means an obstructed view. Because of this, you need to consider what’s more important to you: safety and privacy or a view and overall appearance. If you’re someone who prefers the latter, a picket fence, traditional iron fence and lattice fence are lighter, more decorative options.

Where should I place my fence or wall?

Once you pick out the style, you need to then determine the placement. Fences are traditionally used in the backyard, though front-yard fences with gates are commonly used to protect a garden or keep kids and pets from running into the street. Retainer walls are commonly used in the front, and you can even add an iron or wood gate for a formal entryway or an extended driveway. When making your decision, keep in mind the price; fencing in both a front yard and a backyard can get surprisingly expensive!
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