83 Modern Wine & Beer Refrigeration

55° is the optimal temperature at which to store your wine. Beer prefers to live in a chillier environment, but in the end, it is ultimately up to the preference of the drinker. The best way to ensure your beverage is at the ideal temperature for consumption is to invest in a modern wine cooler or beer fridge. When shopping for mini fridges, keep in mind which drinks you will be storing inside. Here are some features available in different types of the ever-important beverage refrigerator: More 
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What do I look for in a wine refrigerator?

The first thing to think about is how many bottles you want to keep in your wine chiller. They typically can hold anywhere from 6 to 24 bottles, but larger wine fridges are available. Once you’ve decided on how many bottles you want to store, think about the types of vino you will be chilling — are you more of a chardonnay or pinot noir drinker? Different varieties like to be kept at varying temperatures, so if you can’t commit to just one type, a dual zone wine cooler is the way to go. This kind of wine fridge has two different temperature zones which allow you to keep an assortment of whites and reds at their perfect temps. If you are thinking about incorporating your new investment into your kitchen or bar design, search for an undercounter refrigerator or built-in wine cooler to create a seamless look.

Do I need a beer fridge or kegerator?

Found at any sports party, beer is a drink that needs to be chilled and ready-to-go. If you are the type who enjoys a fresh beer on draft from the comfort of your own home, a kegerator is a great option. You will need a few pieces of equipment to accompany a kegerator, like a CO2 tank, a tap and a faucet, but your beer will keep for up to a few months without diminishing in quality. If you prefer the satisfying sound of cracking open an ice cold can or bottle of beer, a beer cooler (commonly known as a bar fridge) would be your best bet. Don’t forget to restock when you take out the cold ones, or you might not be allowed to host the big game at your house again!

Will a mini refrigerator work for me?

If you are storing beer, soda or other beverages, regular small fridges will work; you can even throw some snacks in there if needed. However, it is not recommended to store wine in a mini refrigerator, as the temperature is much too cold and can affect the taste of your vino.

In the end, keep in mind the quantity and type of drink you prefer to determine the type of beverage cooler you shop for.
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