214 Oven Mitts and Pot Holders

Picking out an oven mitt or a potholder might seem like a mindless task, but you may change your mind after you've had your hand scorched through a flimsy potholder from picking up a piping hot dish. The tools, equipment and ingredients in a kitchen can be very hot, so it's important to protect yourself from potential burns. More 
Bali Mod Round Trivet
This isn’t your mother’s trivet. New York designer Gail Garcia puts her own hip, happy spin on this handy kitchen standby. Printed front and back on environmentally friendly cork, this trivet is naturally heat resistant and washable, to keep your table looking good — in more ways than one.
“colorful” — 16nrichardt
Square Trivet, Tropical Stripe
This isn’t your mother's trivet. New York designer Gail Garcia puts her own hip, happy spin on this handy kitchen standby. Printed front and back on environmentally friendly cork, this trivet is naturally heat resistant and washable, to keep your table looking good — in more ways than one.
“Trivet” — Barbara Dent-Call
Toockies Spirited Coasters
What’s the point of coasters where the condensation just pools on top of the hard surface only to spill onto your table? That won’t happen to you with these because they are made of ecofriendly fibers that absorb all liquid.
Le Creuset Oven Mitt
$17.95 $23.00 · More Colors
Designed to protect wrists from bakers burn with its long sleeve, this durable mitt reaches to the forearm, and features an embedded magnet for easy storage on nearby appliances. - Stain-resistant, 100% cotton canvas and towelling - Steam and grease barrier provides extra protection Embedded magnet and loop handle for easy storage - Machine washable
“Will need for cooking in dorm” — rsorem
Savannah Paisley Collection - Pineapple - Oven Mitt/Pot Holders
This perky paisley pineapple print oven mitt set will give your kitchen decor a fresh, tropical twist. The set includes one mitt and one matching pot holder, so you're covered for two-handed jobs.
“We had rhis” — truewish
MU Kitchen Silicone Mitt Edamame
Protect your hands and tighten your grip with the new MU Kitchen Silicone Oven Mitt. The contact area features 100% silicone in a fashionable MUGrip pattern while the outside is 100% quilted solid cotton with a soft terry lining.Product Features Terry lining Sure grip silicone 100% quilted cotton construction
Savannah Paisley Collection - Peach - Oven Mitt/Pot Holders
This peachy paisley print set will bring your kitchen some fresh Southern country style. You get one oven mitt and one matching pot holder, so you'll be covered for two-handed jobs.
“Pots” — modernnook
The new Ulta-Mitt 3-Finger Kitchen W/ Free Bonus Hot Pad - RED
The new Ulta-Mitt 3-Finger Kitchen Glove offers more dexterity than an ordinary mitt, along with style and function. You'll appreciate the ability to open a lid on a hot pan, grab a hot coffee cup and not drop it while wearing the 3-Finger glove. The material is non-slip for better grip and also helps with hard to open lids. The Ulta-Mitt glove is so versatile and convenient, m...More
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What should I look for when buying an oven mitt?

The perfect oven mitt is usually a pretty simple combination: washable, durable and wearable. (Although finding one in a cute pattern doesn't hurt either!) Pick a thick oven mitt that's heat resistant and covers your whole hand, wrist and even lower arm for maximum protection. Lining that won't char is a plus, as is one that's machine washable as even the cleanest kitchen can start to look sloppy with a dirty potholder lying around. While you want the lining to be thick, you also want to move your hand around comfortably, so you can pick up hot and heavy items with ease.

What kind of pot holder should I buy?

Because pot holders are designed more for protection from hot handles, they don’t usually need to cover your wrist and lower arm. That can be a benefit though when working with large pots filled with hot ingredients, and when you are moving from stove to oven. The square pot holder is a classic shape, easy to wrap around handles and serve as a handy insulator between pot and countertop.

What style oven mitt works for my space?

As with all your kitchen accessories, looks are important, too. Oven mitts and pot holders are often on display, so use them as a chance to add color and style to your space. When placed on your kitchen counter, a cute and cheery pot holder can brighten up your kitchen. Pick out something fun! Or go for a classic and simple style that will complement your cabinetry and countertops. There are many choices for every design style today, ranging from the more modern, utilitarian designs to the ever popular (and oh-so-cheesy) lobster claw.

Ready to find the perfect potholder? Find different styles, shapes and sizes here, along with information on where to buy them.
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