295 Live Plants

Whether looking to add life, visual interest, or just some extra oxygen into your home, plants win with no contest for accomplishing all three. House plants add that extra special touch to a room that is unattainable through the use of any other home decoration. Plants can be added to any room of the house or on any surface and instantly add visual depth to your space. Here's how to add a few to your space. More 
Rosea Succulent Wreath
This wreath features the Echeveria Rosea which has beautiful ruffled leaves and is surrounded by Sedum Nausbaumeranium. It is approximately 12" in diameter and contains 30 succulent plants.
“Perfect for master bathroom, Love the subtle shades of coral” — lmdriscoll
Ginseng Grafted Ficus Bonsai Tree
The grafted combination of ginseng and ficus creates a powerful bonsai that embodies strength and is a great statement for an office or home. Vibrant and shiny leaves cluster above thick roots to create visual interest for even the novice gardener. They do well indoors and make a perfect gift for friends or colleagues.
“Bonsai tree” — clc5466
Dwarf Jade Bonsai Tree
Beginner bonsai lovers should always start with a potted jade. It grows well in a variety of conditions and can go without watering for long stretches. This charming little tree does especially well indoors and makes a perfect housewarming gift.
“CONTRAST The leaves have a very energetic shade of green, which separates them from the other elemen” — sandhu_parneet
Aerophyte Diva Statue
Shake things up among your houseplants with this beguiling newcomer. The exotic, low-maintenance marvel is a living work of art that dangles airily from its own chrome stand.
“Magic Flower” — seatingyacine
Crassula - 5" Exotic Hardwood Potted Cactus and Succulents
This Wenge planter (Milletia laurentii) has traveled all the way from Western Africa to become part of your collection. The beautiful dark colored and wavy pattern exudes elegance and style. Also pay attention to the little white streaks embedded in the grain which make it look even more attractive and unique. We have planted a popular compact crassula 'Gollum' to give you a ni...More
Echeveria With Sedum Wreath
A gorgeous succulent product that looks great as a centerpiece or a hanging wreath. The plants are a great compliment to each other. There are 33 plants in the wreath, Echeveria Tolimensis, Red Hood and Nodulosa. It also has the red Sedum Vera Higgins which really highlights the Echeverias.
“decorative succulents for decoration” — jazzie
Cactus Garden // Gloss Planter
Spiky, spotted or striped, the cacti that make up this little succulent garden are memorable yet low maintenance. This fun, DYI botanical kit includes one ceramic gloss white planter, three zebra cacti, three haworthia cacti, a small bag of gravel, potting soil, black sand and a finishing brush.
“Planter” — moybiengal
Click & Grow Smartpot with Cockscomb
The Click and Grow Smartpot Cockscomb starter kit is the perfect houseplant solution for impatient flower lovers. Cockscomb, originating from East Africa's highlands, is an eye-catching plant that is easy to grow in your Smartpot. In darker winter months, use the Smartpot grow lamp for added light. To get started, pop the cockscomb cartridge into your Smartpot, add 4 AA batteri...More
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How do I add plants if I have no counter space?

If table and floor space are limited, consider green walls or wall-mounted pockets. For a more traditional vertical gardening approach, wall brackets and mounting systems are available for potted plants. Ferns and other feathery plant foliage create the stunning effect or illusion of a vegetated and pillowy textured wall.

What kinds of herbs should I grow?

For the home chef, consider growing herbs in the kitchen. Rosemary, cilantro, and basil are all low maintenance herbs that smell great, and will complement any dish that you prepare. An added plus is that it’s very rewarding to cook with your own homegrown cops.

Which plants will help freshen up my home?

Instead of air freshener, place a pot of lavender, sage, or another fragrant flower in the bathroom. You will always have a fresh scent, and the subtle artificial tinge prevalent in all air fresheners will no longer be an issue. Just make sure your plants receive enough sunlight.

How do I decorate with plants?

If you are not quite ready to commit to the idea of a plant that is not a tree, never fear — bonsai is here. Talk about a plant that borders on sculptural, this tradition has been practiced and honed for thousands of years, resulting with a perfectly proportioned miniature tree fit for any tabletop or shelf for display.

While plant forms are inherently beautiful on their own, many unique and beautiful designs have surfaced that utilize living plants to create breathtaking living works of art. Unlike floral arrangements, that can last as little as a few days, many of these plant arrangements can last months with the right care and attention. Whether opting for a succulent wreath or an air plant terrarium, any dining table centerpiece or console table can be instantly transformed with the addition of these carefully designed and arranged mini landscapes. Many plants used for these pieces are very water conscious and the only real requirement is ample sunlight.
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