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Maxine Shore's 'Colorful Houses' Canvas Gallery Wrap, 24x24
$129 $235 · Only 5 Left
a particular time, is why I paint. Painting a familiar scene resonates with me as it brings to mind wonderful memories. But I am also inspired to paint
escape our notice because we are caught up in the minutiae of daily life. My purpose in painting is to freeze those fleeting scenes and to invite you to
unfamiliar settings because Im dazzled by colors, or light, or unique feelings I have from being surrounded by unexpected beauty. Even when a painting is r
Green House (Original) by Claire Whitehead
painting all my life. I studied Art and Art History at UC Berkeley, and have been painting professionally ever since. I have shown in galleries and museums
with blue shadows. I painted it on Arches paper for oil paints, makes it very easy to pop in a frame. About the artist: I am a painter. I have loved painting
and Qatar. I am inspired by nature, color and emotion. Hopefully you will get a sense of calm, happiness, or wonder from what I paint. I'm not out to
Abandoned House (Original) by Eric Yarbrough
the artist: I'm originally from Alabama but living in New York for 8 years now. I'm self-taught with my primary job being psychiatry. I love paintings
Much of my art will have a gay or homoerotic feel. I like to focus on emotions and attempt to convey them in my work. People frequently compare my style
style to the German Expressionists Thanks for taking the time to look over my work.
Tea House by The Stream (Original) by Sam Lea
This is one of my early painting when I wanted to be like Thomas Kinkade!! I tried to use a lot of hues that can go well in any interior wall. In fact
this year. I have been painting, sketching and molding clays since the age of 9. I love nature and pop culture and these two areas have been my main theme
as of late. I have worked with Academy award winning director Errol Morris on a pilot commercial. He told me my work is a masterpiece and I was really humbled
Houses (Original) by Kerri Linden
designer (Kerri Linden Design,) I returned to my greatest passion... making art for "art's sake", in the early 2000's. My work is a series of mixed-media
a paintings, incorporating many of my visual interests/inspirations with fine art skills and my love of collecting "found objects." For me, creating art
All pieces are created in my studio, in the the Santa Cruz Mountains, Ca. Each work is unique and never reproduced. Many of my paintings hang on the walls
Court House At Lake Merritt (Original) by Janet Brugos
life. I have taken quilts apart and used certain elements in my work. I believe that I use so many different types of materials to integrate what I have
have with my vision but also to be inclusive and experimental. My fingers guide to the fragment I need. I find themes of natural elements like water and
artist: While living in France, I returned to my artistic roots. What better place to channel art than in the Paris region. I began by simple collage using
House Of Wind (Original) by E Tobin Eckian
the artist: I am a miniature version of myself from the future, 6520 ad. I visit there often to grab some energy and plasma to put into my mixed media
media paintings on 2 x 4 ft panels. I work with Nature in the form of plants and animals and the 5 elements, only to well behaved and well intentioned ones
Sliced Charcoal Black Pebble Tile
Where are these shipping from. I. We'd 25' by the end of the week???
you but do they need to be sealed i have them in my shower and on the perimeter of the bathroom floor and what would I use to seal them
more like the Hawaii house
Mother of Pearl Tile, 1 Square Foot
$19.02 $33.08 · More Sizes
You just answered my EXACT but unasked questions. Thank-you! How do you do that?
Before installing this in a kitchen or bathroom, I would ask the tile
I have ivory cabinets and uba tuba counter, with black appliances. I think it would look good, but not sure. I feel like the kitchen
Monroe Sofa, Pink Lemonade
bring in the furniture to the house you leave it on the curb? I was about to buy a sofa but cancelled the order because I am a single woman and cannot bring
by myself and don't think it should be sitting out all day in front of my house where any body can help them selves to it?? You do not offer white glove
Hi, I've been trying to request a sample of the madison fabric in pink but haven't
Eddie Bauer Floors - Town and Country - American Black Walnut - Natural
$96.11 $120.14 · Buy on Houzz
finishes. Flexible Installation This floor can be installed on any level of the house, including below grade, and over radiant heat. Planks can be floated, nailed
Toronto Canada or if not do you have a place here where I can buy these floors?
I need to know if this is matte, low gloss, med. gloss. The EB website doesn't say either.
Elephant Square Tray
collection, you can use it for decoration in just about any room of the house or go the traditional route to serve cocktails. Either way, you'll be the
I am trying to purchase a tray and the site states it can't add my credit card. Any help would be appreciated
Great collage painting. I would like to do a sandpiper, or a sand crane though
River Rock Pattern Mosaic Stainless Steel Tile, Sample
How do I fill in the spaces between the pebbles without changing
Instead of using fiberglass material for the base of the shower, can I use this material
The stony look of the tiles. When I tried putting grout it looked as if the stones were a drawing on a title with
Townsgate PE Wicker Outdoor Arm Chair (Set of 2)
$189.99 $299.99 · Buy on Houzz
arms ( measurement from floor to top of arm rests ) so i can check if they would push in under my sleeper out door table , Thank you , Angela from Ripple
trying to see if they will fit under my table.
I'd like to ship to Oahu....Lake house
Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cart
$444 $634.29 · Buy on Houzz
it need assembly? thank you for responding via my email….
Does this product come assembled which I would really like?
space in the middle, and I’m thinking a kitchen cart or island would come in so handy. I like that this one’s on wheels, so I can roll it away when it’s
This is perfect for my house
Crystal Chandelier With White Shade
chandeliers that gave sparkle to brilliant evenings at palaces and manor houses across Europe. This beautiful chandelier has 6 lights and is decorated and
Hi, I purchase this lamp yesterday but today I got an email saying that my order was canceled. I want to know why and what can
Is there an actual store I can purchase this from that ships to Canada?
100 Hand Painted Talavera Mexican Tiles
me - can you tell me the approximate weight of the 100 4x4 tiles so I can guage my luggage allowance? Thank you!
I need about 200 6"x6" tiles, you you have that size & amount?
Hi, I am in love with this ceramic Mexican tile! I live in Romania
La Villette Sunburst Mirror, Antique Gold
$527 $730.80 · Only 7 Left
service such as www.myUS.com and we can ship to you in the US for free. All freight forwarding/ customs and brokerage will be handled by www.myUS.com as they
Yes! The overall diameter is 40"D. I hope that helps! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate
interest! The mirror has antiquing finish to it- each mirror will vary. I hope this helps! Thank you!
Round White Rope Nautical Mirror
a medium to large round mirror for a client. I had trouble finding something 24" in diameter that met my budget and visual requirements. Similar mirrors
small, or too pricey. I appreciate minimal modern design. This mirror in white is a perfect fit for a modern cottage, beach house, entryway or nursery.
Home Rotisserie
touchpad controls with LCD readout and stainless steel housing.FEATURES • Stainless steel housing • Central heating element enables roasting from the
I wonder how easy/difficult it is to clean. Have had many small appliances over the years that were a nightmare to clean.
programmable electronic touchpad controls with LCD readout and stainless steel housing.
Tundra Square Fire Pit
I'm wondering if it will get rusty or if the fiberglass reinforced cement will
I was wondering if this fire pit has an ash tray? How do you clean out the ashes
Can you suggest where I could order a vinyl cover for the fire pit?
Teak and Stainless Steel Mailbox, Black
after the 1950's black mailbox that used to hang on my house. I loved the way it functioned so much that I replicate it but gave it an updated modern look
Yes, I can ship to Puerto Rico. Let me know if there is a problem at check out or if you have any other questions. My Best, Laura
offer this size mailbox in a lockable version. I have a larger size that is lockable it is 14 5/8"w x 11 1/4"h x 6" deep.
Logan Apartment Size Sofa, Chicago Blue
swatches? I'm interested in the Blue and Pumpkin. Is the Pumpkin a bright retro orange? Is the blue a dark turquoise? I can't tell based on my computer
I want to know how to clean it . Thanks.
what are the cushions with? Foam and springs? Do they offer an ottoman? I'm trying to buy a whole new set. Thanks!
Avalon Sofa, White, 79x37x30
considered here. I can't believe you guys haven't given this much thought. That's why some have sofas that are custom built...and why I would need a "sit"
cushion). Some of us are longer in the thigh than others, including me at my 5 foot one inches. When you buy your trousers don't you have two measurements
the knee to the floor. Now considering the rest of the "comfort" quotient, I would need to know the measurement of the depth of the seat. As you may know
Penny Round Pattern Mosaic Stainless Steel Tile, Sheet
Hi. I'm doing my kitchen renovation We are looking for stainless steel backsplash. But what
I would like to order your tile from abroad and it is of high importance to know
I'd say its only about 1-2 lbs....pool house tile...I saw this on HGTV!
Rooster (Original) by Kathleen Benton
art. The New York metropolitan area has been my home ever since. I now live and work in Yonkers with my husband John, who provides invaluable support
all. I chose to work from those compositions, but magnified each in a larger-than-life format. Rather than the original fixed lines of etching, I chose
mediums of cont� crayon and pastel, which I felt would add a bit of fidget and flutter to the birds. In doing so, I've applied a more immediate and natural
Sea Fan Outdoor Eco Pillow, Shell White/Papyrus, 18x18, With Insert
there, your outdoor patio is probably one of the best loved parts of the house and deserves its own decor. This hand-printed sea fan throw pillow is made
Please see my profile page: ...
How do I contact you directly?
“Flower on Wall 01” Giclee Print
ship to London, UK or know of where I can get this print here?
going to come to Montreal for Thx G so I was thinking to buy it directly from you...
I have always been drawn to abstract art. I love the way it infuses a space with
I'd like the larger size20"x 25". How...How much is it and how can I order ?...Yes, I can ship to Canada....what part of Canada are you? I am going...Yes, I can ship to Mexico....I love simplicity and the colours
Roman Pattern Stainless Steel And Pewter Accents Tile, Sample
If I order the 11 tile package of this tile, can it be returned if I don't like it
Where can I buy this in Perth Australia?
@lemmer24, I have added one sheet to show as in stock if you want to go ahead and order it in the next couple days.
Ventura Nightstand
Sorry for the delayed response. I didn't realize we were getting questions on here. It's made from solid walnut.
functional purpose. I love this modern and sleek nightstand — it doesn’t stand out too much and feels light and airy. And I’m totally OK when my furniture doesn’t
Corona Crown Molding Wall Shelf, 24-Inch, Espresso
$35 $89.99 · More Colors
crown molding. Perfect for holding wineglasses in a formal dining room, housing books in the library or home office or displaying fine china in the dining
I want to know if it would hold my cat.
Bamboo Storage Collection Shoe Park
$59.99 $69.99 · Buy on Houzz
removed for cleaning. It's the perfect storage solution for any room in the house.
tend to get kicked off by the back door into a big pile. Maybe if I call it a "park," my 4-year-old will think it's fun to put his shoes away?
are great for the entryway. If you have children and a lot of shoes, though, I often recommend one or two large bins instead. It's easier to get the kids
Ice Ceiling Lamp Chrome
or 14. The space of my house where it will be is bigger than this... Also I wanted to know if you can ship to Mexico City? I'll wait for your response
Hello, I want to buy this lamp but I was wondering if you can add more globets to the original one or you can make another one with 12 or
Corona Crown Molding Wall Shelf, 48-Inch, White
crown moulding. Perfect for holding wineglasses in a formal dining room, housing books in the library or home office or displaying fine china in the dining
I am looking for shelves for my family room that will hold souvenirs from my travels, etc. Some are heavy. Does
Avalon Apartment Size Sofa, White, 57x37x30
If so, how can I get it? and can I get it in gray?
3 WThe exterior of our home needs some love! The trim around the house is several different colors - beige trim around windows and roof in the we Aea
Hi I was just wondering if you deliver to the maritime provinces.
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