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The assortment of measuring cup designs available can make anyones head spin. Why do you need a liquid measuring cup and a separate set for dry ingredients? Well here’s why: Often recipes call for a variety of measurements for all different types of ingredients. Switching back and forth between flour, oil, sugar and milk with the same cup is a recipe for disaster — you either have to do a lot of washing and drying between measurements, or ruin a whole bag of flour/sugar. Having designated liquid and dry measuring cups saves you from this nightmare. Additionally, each one will have the correct increments for each task, so you won’t have to risk wrongly converting fluid ounces to cups in your head (1 cup is 8 ounces for those wondering). More 
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Other features, such as collapsing and pour spout options will help lower spill rates, but aren’t necessities. Also, beware that some designs are handleless, which can make scooping and pouring tricky. When it comes to material and looks, consider if you want something durable, like plastic and stainless steel measuring cups, or something more decorative but fragile, like ceramic, porcelain and glass. Cleanup is a big one too; some of the novelty designs are not dishwasher safe, but if you are willing to sacrifice a few minutes of rinsing to have them adorn your counters as a decor piece, more power to you!
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