Seahorse Wine Glass, Clear, 7.875x3.438, All-Purpose
easy to care for, dishwasher safe, and offered in an extensive variety of glass shapes for you to choose from. Whether you add a seahorse selection to your
Fly Fishing Wine Glass, Clear, 9.25x3, All-Purpose Set of 4
detailed design. A delicate lure is cast, looping gracefully around the glass. Perfect for any outdoorsman or nature enthusiast. While fly fishing is about
Starfish Wine Glass, Clear, 9.25x3, All-Purpose
pattern on every shape. Seagrass, starfish, bubbles, a lone fish, giving each glass a distinctive charm. Made in USA.
Starfish White Wine Tumbler, Clear, 15 Oz.
pattern on every shape. Seagrass, starfish, bubbles, a lone fish, giving each glass a distinctive charm. Made in USA.
are all 4 tumblers etched with the starfish or does the set contain 4v
Does each glass have a different design.If so ,
Crystal Fruit Wine Glass Set
$98.99 $152.53 · Buy on Houzz
content. Lead-free and a pulled stem, as with all Ravenscroft glasses, these brilliant lead-free crystal glasses are very light delivering a beautiful, un
both Food & Wine and In Style magazines come these lovely crystal wine glasses, designed to celebrate the bouquet, flavor and mouth feel of lower alcohol
alcohol wines born from certain regions in Italy. The hand crafted glasses are made of crystal and are sold in a set of four. Set of 4. As featured in Wine
Riedel Vinum Extreme Ice Wineglasses, Set of 2
$59.95 $69.00 · Buy on Houzz
Lead Crystal Icewine set of 2 wine glasses.
How can get these glasses being in Russia? Thanks in advance
Love it all
Riedel Vitis Pinot Noir Wineglasses, Set of 2
$75.95 $89.00 · Buy on Houzz
The right glass makes all the difference. So treat yourself to this lovely lead crystal, designed especially for pinot noir.
Pinot Noir set of 2 wine glasses. Made in Austria Capacity: 27.9 oz Height: 10.25
Wine glass
Tuscany Tulip 12oz, Set of 4
the graceful design of these unique tulip glasses. Engraved olive branches will bring peace and harmony to all every gathering.
Stone Wine Glasses - Set of 2
Made from recycled glass and the same smooth New England stones that grace all of our work, our Stone Wine Glasses are an elegant and versatile take on
stone that’s part of each glass enhances your favorite drink while making it a pleasure to hold and behold. The graceful glasses were inspired by cairns
encourages the sipper to hold the glass by its stem for a pure taste unchanged by the heat of their hand. Since glasses are made from handpicked stones,
Riedel Sommeliers Mature Bordeaux Wineglass
$67.45 $79.00 · Buy on Houzz
The right glass can make all the difference. Enjoy your mature Bordeaux in stunning lead crystal stemware designed expressly for it.
Sommeliers Mature Bordeaux wine glass
Berghoff Chateau 15.2-Ounce Red Wine Glasses, Set of 6
Red wine glass - Glasses for red wine are recognized by their rounder, wider bowl which increases oxidation This red wine glass works for all kinds of
matching up types of grapes with different glasses is just too much to handle, don’t fear. These wineglasses work for all reds. They’re fancy enough for entertaining
Riedel O Vinum Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Bordeaux and "O" Viognier/Chardonnay Bu
$74.85 $88.50 · Only 5 Left
Riedel "O" Buy 8 PAY 6 features four Cabernet/Merlot glasses and four Viognier/Chardonnay glasses-the two most popular varietals in the wine universe.
person, Riedel offers "O" Buy 8 Pay 6 in all Cabernet/Merlot. For Chardonnay devotees, there is "O" Buy 8 Pay 6 in all Viognier/Chardonnay. So there's no excuse
Riedel Ouverture Magnum Pay 6 Get 8 Glasses - Set of 8
$59.95 $72.00 · Only 1 Left
release the wine's aromas, and is appropriate for all the classic red grape varieties. On the palate, the glass is designed to emphasize fruit and balance tannins
Ouverture Magnum, including 2 glasses free of charge. This shape was developed to narrow the gap between the Ouverture red wine glass and the bigger shapes in
Berghoff Chateau 12 oz White Wine Glass Set of 6
$59.99 $100.00 · Only 8 Left
OF 6 - 12oz White wine glass - A typical white wine glass has a smaller mouth to reduce to contact with oxygen. Perfect for all kinds of white wine for
Berghoff Chateau 8.5 oz White Wine Glass Set of 6
$59.99 $100.00 · Buy on Houzz
OF 6 - 8.5oz White wine glass - A typical white wine glass has a smaller mouth to reduce to contact with oxygen. Perfect for all kinds of white wine for
Berghoff Casa 22.6oz Red Wine Glass S/6
$59.99 $100.00 · Buy on Houzz
Glasses for red wine are recognized by their rounder, wider bowl which increases oxidation This red wine glass works for all kinds of red wine. They're
Consigned - Dorthy Thorpe Silver Rimmed Wine Glasses
set of original, Dorthy Thorpe, silver banded wine glasses. In excellent vintage condition! These glasses come ready to set out at your next dinner party
Sold as a set of four Measures: 6.5 x 2.75 All items as sold AS IS. I try to describe the condition of all the pieces and show pictures when possible.
and tear should be expected. Sorry, I do not accept returns or exchanges. All sales are final.
Adriana: Wine Goblet Verde Pisello
ch, with all of our Deruta dinnerware. 100% Dishwasher safe. Murano and Italian glass stemware Don't you deserve it? Italian hand blown glass glassware
Two-Glass Gift Box StandArt
The stunning Two-Glass Gift Box contains two machine molded universal Gabriel glasses, the One for All lead-free crystal wine glass from Austria.
Keep Calm and Fight On, Breast Cancer Wine Glass
Breast Cancer Ribbon Awareness Engraved Wine Glass The Breast Cancer Ribbon Engraved Wine Glass is dedicated to all the women and their families who have fought
awareness wine glass is a thoughtful gift for anyone touched by this issue. There are many hand-painted or screen printed breast cancer glasses on the market
a background panel into the wine glass, leaving the design, wording and breast cancer ribbon raised from the wine glass surface in a beautiful and unique
One Glass Gift Box - Gold Edition
The stunning One-Glass Gift Box contains a single exquisite mouth-blown Gabriel-Glas, the One for All lead-free crystal wine glass from Austria.
Riedel Sommeliers Chablis/Chardonnay/Mature Bordeaux Glass
$67.45 $79.00 · Only 1 Left
sometimes add tartaric acid to adjust for its low acidity. The Chardonnay glass is designed so that this low acidity is delivered in a way that sets off
grape variety, a native of the Burgundy region which is now grown in almost all wine-producing regions worldwide. In the New World, especially, Chardonnay's
balanced finish. This classic Riedel shape allows young wines to express all their invigorating freshness, while more mature wines are encouraged to deliver
Crystal Hermitage Glass Set
$99.99 $154.07 · Buy on Houzz
Ravenscroft Crystal Hermitage glass. This glass is not appropriate for the high alcohol great wines of the southern Rhone. Like all Ravenscroft Crystal, the
detail, this set of 4 Ravenscroft stemware glasses works well with your Shiraz, Hermitage and Cornas wines. Each glass holds up to 20 ounces of your preferred
Joseph varietalsWith a tall tightened bowl the Ravenscroft Crystal Hermitage glass is perfect for medium level alcohol, spicy, white pepper sweet black fruit
Riedel Sommeliers Blind Blind Tasting Glass
$67.45 $79.00 · Only 7 Left
tasting all wines, these lead crystal, mouth-blown and hand-made tasting glasses are produced in black and are based on the classic Chianti glass shape,
Crystal Chianti Classico - Zinfandel Glass Set
$79.99 $123.25 · Buy on Houzz
be remiss if you only employed one glass for all of your wine enjoyment, this is the perfect all purpose wine glass. With a sheer rim and subtle weight
the Chianti Classico/Zinfandel glass from Ravenscroft directs the flow of wine to the proper part of your palate. Like all European Ravenscroft Crystal this
Ravenscroft stemmed glasses. Tall elongated bowl is specially made to enhance the flavor of fruity, medium-bodied wines, but this versatile glass is also the
Crystal White Burgundy Set
$98.99 $152.53 · Buy on Houzz
aromas of great Chardonnay. Like all Ravenscroft Crystal glasses the Ravenscroft Crystal Grand Cru White Burgundy glass is hand made in Europe of lead-free
World Chardonnay varietalsThe Ravenscroft Crystal Grand Cru White Burgundy glass, with a wide low chimney bowl, is the perfect tool to tame the oak and alcohol
Authentic All Crystal chandelier
creystals were all different lenghts. no instruction for where plastic rings belong. please
Although this item is packed properly it is GLASS and therefore fragile and may damage if not handled properly..
sparkly surprise to the bathroom. This five-light crystal chandelier hits all the high notes you’d want in a signature light fixture.
Where do I attach the 4 glass rings?...Hi ! You can see all our items here ...
NEAT-ultimate spirits glass, Set of 6
Replaces all bar glasses, whiskey tumblers, single malt scotch glasses, bourbon glasses, brandy snifters, Riedels, Glencairn whiskey glasses, rocks glasses
spirits judging glass and an indispensable diagnostic tool for those who truly car about what they drink. NEAT is the ultimate spirits glass. - Specially
glasses, copita, sherry and port glasses with one single glass - Comfortable feel and balance; complements fine tobacco and premium cigars, magically pairs
Murano Venetian style All Crystal chandelier
This magnificent chandelier is all 100% crystal. Nothing is quite as elegant as the fine crystal chandeliers that gave sparkle to brilliant evenings at
I want to place an order for this Murano Venetian Style all crystal Chandelier H17" X W17". I need to make sure the chandelier can be
not process payments; you would need to contact HOUZZ customer support for all payment related questions.
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