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For those cold winter nights or even for summer nights on the porch, quilts are the perfect bedding accessory to warm you up. More 
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Quilts add warmth and color to any space.

Whether homemade by your grandmother or purchased at a department store, there is nothing quite as comforting to wrap up in as a quilt. A quilt adds a personal and handmade touch to a space that is difficult to achieve with other blankets and bedding. If you are looking to soften a space, or introduce color and graphics, quilt patterns and textures are a perfect solution.

Where to use a quilt.

Choosing where to use a quilt is not too difficult of a decision. In a forgotten corner, drape a worn handmade quilt to create an inviting and cozy reading nook. In the family room, a patchwork quilt can casually bring your family closer as you watch a movie. Folded at the end of any bed, a quilt adds an extra familiar warmth and comfort. Wondering how to warm up and personalize a guest room? Add a cotton quilt at the end of the bed just in case. In summer, a light cotton summer quilt is all you need for a bedspread, in some places. In winter, a heavy woven bed quilt adds extra warmth to your comforter or duvet.

The small added touch of a quilt will instantly revive and add life to any space lacking a sense of home, no matter the style or size. Check out some styles here.
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