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Refrigerators are a necessity in most kitchens, and deciding on the right one for you depends on your needs, available space and preference. Before making a purchase, be sure to take into consideration exactly what you want from your fridge. More 
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If you’re looking to decide what refrigerator is best for your kitchen, consider the following:

What types of refrigerators are available?
Refrigerators are available in bottom mount, top mount, side-by-side and compact types.
Bottom mount: Bottom mount styles feature the freezer below the refrigerator. Some people find this arrangement more comfortable since it makes it easier to access items in the refrigerator. The freezer also tends to be deeper in these models.
Top mount: In these common models, a larger refrigerator sits below the freezer. These styles tend to be space and energy efficient.
Side-by-side: Both the refrigerator and the freezer are found in two full-height compartments in these models. They’re often best for smaller spaces since the doors take up the least room.
Compact: These are small, scaled-down refrigerators that are handy for dorm rooms or a basement bar. Freezer space is usually limited or non-existent.

How do I determine the correct size?
Not only does your refrigerator need to fit in your kitchen, but it also needs to be equipped to fit your needs. An 18-cubic-foot refrigerator will generally be large enough for two to four people. Any more than that, and you may want to consider a larger fridge. Once you have that determined, carefully measure the height, width and depth of the space you plan to place your refrigerator, and don’t forget to consider doorways it will need to pass through upon delivery.

What should I look for in terms of space flexibility?
Make the most of your fridge by looking for models that let you customize your space. Motorized shelves, elevator shelves, movable door bins, and pullout shelves are all adjustable, allowing you to accommodate different items.

What features will help my refrigerator stay organized?
A gallon-size door bin lets you store milk, juice and soda in an easy-to-access spot, while some bottom mount refrigerators feature full-width pantry doors to store appetizer and deli trays. Some refrigerators even feature a drawer that you can open from the outside for quick snacks.

What features will help me maintain a clean refrigerator?
Spill-proof shelving captures spills and prevents it from leaking throughout the fridge, while glass shelves with sealed edges contain spills and are easier to clean. They also give you an unobstructed view throughout your refrigerator.

Which refrigerators are more energy efficient?
Refrigerators that are ranked as Energy Star models are said to use 15-20 less energy than those without the ranking. In general, bottom and top mount models tend to use less energy than side-by-side models, while through-the-door water dispensers require additional energy use.

What additional features might I like?
If you want instantly filtered water, consider seeking out a refrigerator that comes with a water dispenser. You also might want to put some thought into your fridge’s lighting: LED lights will provide a more natural and energy efficient light than incandescent bulbs, and also better illuminate the entire compartment.
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