54 salad serving fork and spoon Serveware

Salad Fork & Spoon Set with Olive Wood
$150 $200.00 · Only 4 Left
working as master knifemakers in Scarperia in 1841 and this beautiful salad for and spoon set with olive wood handles is a perfect example of the quality and
Acrylic Cold Bowl on Ice with Serving Spoon Fork
dip cup to serve a variety of food delights like fruit, veggies, seafood and more. Dome lid keeps cold air in and bugs out. Attractive salad servers hook
Keep your salads crisp and cool with this innovative party bowl. The bottom compartment holds ice and vents insure cold air flows free. Your dish stays
sweltering hot days. Includes a divided appetizer insert with dip cup and salad servers that conveniently hook onto the sides.
Folding Salad Fork
You'll applaud these ingenious salad forks, cleverly hinged to allow for one-handed serving. Artisan-crafted from wild cherry wood, they're both an accent
A pair of forks that fold together serving as two hands yet held by only one. -Handcrafted in Pennsylvania from
from beautiful wild cherry wood and finished with clear mineral oil. -Spoon care: Hand wash with soap and water, re-oil occasionally with mineral or coconut
Forked Salad Set
Celebrating Serious salad serving. -Handcrafted in Pennsylvania from beautiful wild cherry wood and finished with clear mineral oil. -Spoon care: Hand wash
Grape Salad Tongs
Serve up salads in style with these silvery tongs. Aluminum grapes embellish the serving spoon and fork, while winding vines make up the handles. The
or other hook. Pair with the coordinating serving trays, plates and accessories for the perfect festive serving collection.
Flared Handle Salad Servers, Stainless Steel - 2-Piece Set
this versatile salad server set is essential for entertaining and everyday living. You get a sleek, no-frills spoon and a uniquely shaped fork with an offset
Tapered Neck Salad Servers, Stainless Steel - 2-Piece Set
This essential set of salad servers includes a no-frills spoon and a fork with a unique design that sets it apart from the rest. It’s the perfect balance
Depressed Handle Salad Servers, Stainless Steel - 2-Piece Set
This sharp salad server set includes a fork and spoon with attractive contours and subtly depressed handles. An entertaining necessity, this set is the
Autumn Vine Salad Servers
12"L When the leaf of a pumpkin vine becomes a serving fork, a sugar pie pumpkin becomes a serving spoon, magic happens at your table. Cast with intricate
intricate detailing in luxury Vagabond House pewter, this salad serving set is designed to serve and delight.
Posata: Serving Pasta/Salad Bowl
developed Posata, her signature dinnerware design featuring knife, fork, and spoon motif, a cutlery designs adopted from antique etchings, and transformed
Posata: Salad Bowl (Medium)
developed Posata, her signature dinnerware design featuring knife, fork, and spoon motif, a cutlery designs adopted from antique etchings, and transformed
Straight Curve Handle Salad Set, Stainless Steel
spear, scoop and serve your greens with cosmopolitan flair. This salad set offers you sleek design, of course, but also gives you a fork with tines that
Squid Salad - Servers
$10.49 $13.00 · Buy on Houzz
everywhere these days? Now they're even in your salad bowl! Let these sleek cephalopods serve your salads in deep-sea style. Triple tentacles on one end
graspers, while the scalloped head on the other end forms a splendid spoon. Squid Salad is molded in super-shiny engineered plastic.
Teak Wood Salad Servers with Bamboo Shape Handles
bamboo-shaped teakwood salad servers bring a taste of the Far East to your mealtime gathering. Pair with one of our teakwood salad bowls, and you'll have
Teak Oval Serving Set, Raspberry
If you want a new take on teak, try this two-piece set — the fork and spoon have an ombre look. Plus, the utensils are made from excess material the logging
2 Pieces Includes: 1 Fork and 1 Spoon. Our teak products are made from the excess material that the logging industry
The raspberry handles of these salad servers caught my eye. They’re the perfect dose of fall color for your buffet.
Cork Salad Set
$112 $168.00 · Buy on Houzz
addition of Cork Salad Set to your dining table. This 2-piece salad serving set is made of brass & cork and is perfect for serving your salads. It is adorned
adorned with nickel plated with nickel cork finish. This Tuscan villa serve ware set is designed by bringing style and functionality together making up a great
My wooden salad tongs could use an upgrade. I'm loving these cork ones.
Curving Upturn Salad Servers, Stainless Steel - 2 Piece-Set
much on your plate? Employ these two perfectly designed salad servers to scoop up one serving size each, with a minimum of veggie slippage.
Notched Handle Salad Servers, Silver - 2-Piece Set
Skimming the surface just isn’t your MO. Your new sterling silver salad servers go much deeper — expertly crafted with exceptionally long handles for optimal
Thick Neck Salad Servers, Stainless Steel - 2-Piece Set
Simple, clean lines define the sophisticated look of these salad servers. Made of stainless steel, they’re an entertainer’s dream.
Global GT Series 2-pc. Salad Serving Set
$63.95 $79.95 · Buy on Houzz
Talk about salad days! Here's a handsome stainless steel set to lend grace and style to your greens. The serving ends are wide for gathering sizable portions
Rectangular Upturn Salad Servers, Stainless Steel - 2 Piece Set
It may sometimes be a toss up — do you save this set solely for salads or do you reach for them to help you out with casseroles, stews and cobblers? The
Notched Handle Salad Servers, Stainless Steel - 2-Piece Set
In your salad days, you can appreciate the cosmopolitan style that a set of servers such as this affords you. But as time goes on, you’ll find that you
Beveled Upturn Salad Servers, Stainless Steel - 2 Piece-Set
with this pair of salad servers, giving you the option of dipping into stews and scooping up casseroles, as well as tossing a salad or two.
Cassia 4-Pc. Flatware Hostess Set in Full Platinum Finish
$42.58 $68.09 · Buy on Houzz
Includes 1 pierced serving spoon, 1 serving spoon, 1 cold meat fork and 1 sauce ladle. A bead blasted pattern. Material: 18/0 stainless . Full platinum
couples with a balanced and extremely functional tine design for the salad fork and dinner fork.
Alessi "Tibidabo" Serving Set
utensil set, consisting of a shapely spoon and fork, gets right in there and is ready to assist.
General serving set in 18/10 stainless steel
Antler Serving Set, 2 Piece Set
Rack up the style points at your next dinner party. This two-piece serving set is cast from aluminum in a shape that mimics deer antlers. At more than
Salad utensils....Me enchanta couvert à salade...love this salad set...antler serving set-2 pc-bar &
Jewel 2-Piece Serving Set
ya you can never have enough serving pieces
In my mind you can’t ever have too many different serving pieces. I have a collection of some that I inherited from my mother and
that I have purchased for myself. Food always looks and tastes better when served with attractive tools — and trust me, people notice this!
Pastina, Spaghetti Serving Set, Stainless Steel
the palm of your hand? Not when it comes to serving a gamut of pasta styles at the table. This spaghetti serving set pretty well guarantees that you will
Zuma Salad Set
$65 $91.00 · Buy on Houzz
your dining table with the elegant and gleaming Zuma Salad Set. This set contains a spoon and a fork made up of stainless steel, each fitted into wooden
to your stylish table settings apart from its basic functionality to serve salad.
Cutlery Carrier With Chalkboard Label
Carrier has four compartments for spoons, knives, forks, napkins - or fill it with serving utensils, wine openers and salad tongs so guests can help themselves
carrier. Setting the table is a snap with the four compartments for spoons, knives, forks and napkins. The whimsical chalkboard stripe invites you to use your
Eat.it Serving Fork by Alessi
its own, this serving fork is ideal for serving sliced meats, cheese or veggies. Or you can use it together with a serving spoon to grab salad. Alessi, known
The generous curves at either end of the Alessi Eat.it Serving Fork lend the stainless steel utensil balance both visually and functionally. Such curves
Eat.it Serving Spoon by Alessi
the service of potato, macaroni or fruit salad an elegantly modern experience with the Alessi Eat.it Serving Spoon. Made out of 18/10 stainless steel, it
While useful on its own, you can also use it together with a serving fork to grab green salad. Alessi, known as the Italian design factory, has manufactured
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