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Thistle Hill FarmNorthworks Architects and Planners
What color should I paint my kitchen ceiling?
Northworks Architects and PlannersSaveEmail One of the home’s most contemporary elements is the staircase, but it still nods to the agricultural architectural vocabulary. The stairs
Northworks Architects and Planners
Hammond-Stallworth ResidenceCooper Johnson Smith Architects and Town Planners
Planning like it for my city residence.
The light above my staircase
very close to my layout
Smith Architects and Town Planners
my entry principals
Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.
and 2 dogs and the white panel kick boards (not sure the proper name) are constantly dirty/scuffed. I was thinking of painting them a coler to match my walls buth concerned this would not look right. thoughts?
You can check out our full line of step lights here: http://progresslighting.com/products.aspx?Category=78
My so called kick board is the same color as my steps. And I had 3 boys and never had scuffs and dirt.
with this link: http://www.stantoncarpet.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductID=110&SKUID=478 We have retailers all over the US and Canada. To find a retailer near you check out our dealer locator. http://www.stantoncarpet.com/DealerLocator.aspx
Ah Marusa, that was my mistake; they made the stair rods, which hold down the runner. However, you may want to contact the company to see if they know who fabricated the stair railing. These things are often custom or locally done. I would do a search of metal work fabricators in my area and see if they
StaircaseVisbeen Architects
is used to hold it up. I am trying to do something in my basement for
I'm looking to add one of these to my house what are the dimensions of the table and the benches
our Star Wind in color Maize. http://www.stantoncarpet.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductID=233&SKUID=837 To find a dealer near you please click the link below for our dealer locator http://www.stantoncarpet.com/DealerLocator.aspx
H A L LJason Arnold Interiors
to have a blue tint or sheen. It looks really unusual and distinctive, but it could just be the lighting. I would like to create that color effect on my iron railing.
driftwood under our Stanton Carpet brand. http://www.stantoncarpet.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductID=302&SKUID=1140 Please visit our dealer locator to find a store near you http://www.stantoncarpet.com/DealerLocator.aspx
EntryLisa Borgnes Giramonti
Isn't it beautiful?!! I figured out where it's from... It's a Clarence House design called "Flowering Quince". I have a sample of the Red version on my wall
wall now, trying to decide if it's right for my house! I've already ruled out the Brown
I want this for my entryway tall wall
House. "The sheep is one of my favorite possessions; I bought it at Moss in New York years ago. It fulfills my perennial fantasy of living deep in the heart of the English countryside and gazing onto a vast sward of green dotted with fluffy white sheep! Sometimes I think of my house as being like a cottage
Entry Stair CaseDave Lane Construction Co.
I'm thinking about putting tile on my stairs. What about tiling the step and painting the riser? Would that wo
I want to use stair treads for my staircase but I am not sure what is used to build the stair landing?
find some. Most all the pictures are of the same house. There might be some more on my websight also. www.davelaneconstruction.com
Go to 2nd page of my gallery, there is more pictures of it from top and side. Would you like me to install
Yes, I agree with you. I am building my house and have radiant heat in areas where I want hardwood but know they do not hold up well when placed above radiant heat. I'm trying to find a good
Can't afford one so I am doing all the work myself. I am putting in some hardwood floor and some hardwood stairs and my wife really likes this look and we are trying to figure it out to duplicate.
MiltonGabriele Pizzale Design Inc.
The wall colour is CC 490 Stone Hearth
tan color is cc490 Stone Hearth
BM Stone Hearth cc490, white clous CC40
Is this my door I picked???
Modern FarmhouseBruce D. Nagel Architect
Does anyone know the manufacturer of a wallpaper called Belgrade (in Honey color)? I had it installed in my powder room 3 1/2 years ago and need to get more for repair. My interior designer purchased it for me, I emailed her to ask her but received no response. Thank you.
stucco fireplace / hearth
In my dreams
Yellow HouseWiding Custom Homes
I am planning to replace my dining room lamp with a Chihouli or Frahouli inspired lamp and would like to know where I could buy it. Thanks!
When I'm rich one day , I want to cover my house in chihuly pieces!!!
not my style or budget but like the color combination and makes me smile!
Oh my this is great
Breezy BrentwoodJill Wolff Interior Design
the chandelier is a little hidden in this photo, but I like what I see! Would love the info on it, as I'm looking for something for my house. Thanks!
Here is the link to the Stanton carpet material we used as a runner (Madagascar, color: Palm) : http://www.stantoncarpet.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductID=322&SKUID=1661
Thank you for replying to my question about the climbing men. I have not been able to find your portfolio. Where do I find it? I am looking forward to seeing more of your work and the climbing men.
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