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Lake House Two - Stair
McClellan Architects
company can do this type of staircase for me and what would be the approximate cost of it.?
Hi, That would be question for the installer - Jergens Painting LLC. It's an art form, good luck!
which gives the unique appearance. Jergens Painting in Seattle was the installer, they can give you more specifics. Thanks,
the longest-lasting bulbs out there, and they cost the least to operate. They have a greater up-front cost, though. Don't be surprised to pay $20 for an
the longest-lasting bulbs out there, and they cost the least to operate. They have a greater up-front cost, though. Don't be surprised to pay $20 for an
by a professional, a decorative finish on a prepared substrate generally costs between $5 and $10 per square foot. Application of the plaster itself ranges
Gulf Front Florida residence
Faour Glass Technologies
Total cost to build? And wind factor stability?
delayed response. The email questions have not been coming through to me. Total cost to build $145,000 for this project in Sarasota Florida. Wind load complies
that would be additional including: taxes, shipping, and increase in installation. Thank you-
staircase and potential third deck look out.
Spiral staircase/deck minus glass and roof
Cool outdoor stair to 2nd floor deck/porch
Lake Washington residence
BAAN design
I know this is a bold question - but I wanted a ball park figure are to how much would it cost to instal/make these if
stained riff oak. This a custom stair and the cost is part of a larger project cost. I don't have the cost for stair alone.
metal? How costly?
Kevin Vallely Design
Is it cost effective do do this with glass? Want glass but tight budget...
anchored in channel at the floor. Any glazing contractor can provide and install for you.
with stainless clips mid-span (to reduce deflection) you can bring down the costs significantly.
Escalera con pared deck encastrados
Italian Rennaisance
Holmes Builders
the inquiry on the stairs. The cost of the travertine stairs (including travertine material and the labor to install it) is going to be around $20,000
of the cost depends upon whether the stairs are curved or straight and the overall width of the staircase. This price doesn't include the cost of building
How much the average cost of the stairs not including the iron railing, just the steps?
100k Stair Wall
Nic Darling
Or, install a stair wall. For maximum safety, outfit your staircase with a wall. The
use of nontraditional finish materials such as plywood and concrete keeps costs down and reflects their clients' style. "We tried to create a minimalist
look that appealed to our demographic while also shaving down construction costs."
without blowing the budget. Nic Darling kept the labor and construction costs capped at $100,000. Here the staircase plays peek-a-boo with plywood, creating
Allen Residence - Whole Home Design and Remodel
Jason Ball Interiors, LLC
railings and balusters, and carpeted stair treads. The redo was completed by installing new wood treads, a new handrail and widening the bottom tread to create
What was the total cost for this staircase remodeling project, including design, demo, materials and installation? A ballpark # is fine. Thanks
budget for this job. How much would re-doing the stairway/hallway in the photo cost?
Warren, please see the other questions for this photo. I provided a cost estimate previously. Thanks.
Idea to have the risers white with wood top ( possibly less costly?)
Elad Gonen
gorgeous staircase? I would like to find out approx. how much this staircase cost? Love it and would like to try and have something like that built.
who can i contact regarding plans and costs to build these stairs.
potentionaly slip threw and fall. I would estimate the cost to be much higher than the 9k due to the cost of the stainless and hardware,
Go sideways along a wall that both goes into 3 season room and out onto deck.
Elad Gonen
Step ONE: estimate of cost, availability, installation time (shipping, receiving), contractor's identity & operators'
Install window film to protect from fading, control temperature and allow you to keep the view. Clean, affordable and durable.
Sliding doors out to deck
Sinbad Creek Residence
Swatt | Miers Architects
is, the dimensions of it, and how it is installed with no grout. I don't recall ever seeing a tile installation without grout. Very cool!
Third option for stairway to rooftop deck
from upper level to lower level. Center support can be wood; depending on cost.
stair installation
Pioneer Square Condo
Dyna Contracting
we are unable to give you a basic install price as there were many unique factors to getting these stairs installed. There was the hidden steel frame buried
Really nice, but I am sure cost prohibitive
cost to install?
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