862 Towel Bars and Hooks

Few bathrooms come without towels, so it’s important to consider how you’d like them displayed. In addition to open shelving or towel cubbies in your vanity, you can use towel racks or hooks. Before making a decision, consider your bathroom’s size and style, how you use bath and hand towels, and any specifics about your bathroom, such as your wall coverings and other fixtures, that may affect installation. More 
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When choosing towel racks and hooks, consider:

What rack works with my wall space?

This can determine whether a rack or hook will work better in your space, or if you need both. If wall space is tight, hooks will take up less room than a rack or towel bar. Don’t forget the back of the door: it’s a great spot to sneak in a rack or a hook. Consider a rack for your larger bath towels and a hook near the vanity for your hand towels.

What towel holder is easier to install?

In general, hooks are easier to install than larger wall-mount racks. Check for pipes and electrical wiring with a wall metal detector before screwing anything into your bathroom walls.

What kind of towel racks are available?

Basic shelf unit: This towel holder has no hanging space underneath and is used to stack towels in a vertical fashion.
Railed hanging design: This is similar to a shelf unit, however the shelf itself is comprised of rails. This way, you have two choices for towel display: you can fold them on top of the shelf, or hang them from the rails. This is a helpful feature for drying your towels, as they will receive better air flow.
Under-hanging rails or hooks: These racks come with a rail or hooks beneath the shelf, including capabilities for both folding new towels onto a shelf and hanging used towels. Unless they’re widely spaced, try to keep the number of rails to two or less; otherwise it becomes awkward to hang towels.

What kind of towel hooks are available?

Wall-mounted hooks: Sturdy and permanent, wall-mounted hooks can hold a heavier towel or robe.
Magnetic towel hooks: If you have a metallic surface in your bath, consider magnetic towel hooks. They come as single hooks and with an attached rail.
Suction towel hooks: Like magnetic hooks, these are easy to install. Unlike magnetic hooks, they can be placed almost anywhere. Simply moisten them and stick to whichever surface you desire. Suction hooks made specifically for towels are designed for heavier weights and have a very reliable grip.
Decorative towel hooks: Add character and whimsy to your bathroom with towel hooks that suit your style. Have fun in a kid’s bath with a colorful novelty hook with an animal, floral or another favorite theme (any pirates in your house?). Help kids remember which towel is theirs by giving each his own unique hook.

What about a towel stand?

When storage space is tight and you’re out of wall space, a towel stand may be your best option. Because they’re freestanding, they won’t damage your walls, which is ideal for rented spaces. You can go a more traditional route with an aluminum stand, or think outside the box and use an antique wooden ladder. Want a little taste of luxury when you step out of the shower? Get a heated towel stand for a warm blast when your body meets the towel.
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