15 Traditional Cutlery Sets

A complete kitchen knife set is a must for all chef levels. Chopping, paring, carving and butterflying all require specific knives to be executed properly. Regardless of whether you are looking for a steel or ceramic knife set, you will get a variety of tools needed to complete these tasks. The best part about purchasing a cutlery set is that all of your pieces will match! Find out what is included in traditional knife sets below: More 
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What knives are included in a cutlery set?

Cutlery sets can range from simple three-piece collections to full 36-piece assortments. A smaller kitchen knife set might include the basics: chef’s, utility, bread and paring knives. A more advanced cook might require an extensive chef knife set, which will include the basics as well as various sizes and specialty knives such as a Santoku knife, cleaver and boning knife. A knife block set will typically include a steel sharpener, kitchen shears and extra slots to put other cutlery you may have. Of course, the best knife set is the one that meets your unique culinary needs.
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