28 Traditional Drying Racks

For those of you who have opted against dryers or maybe have had a bad experience with a beloved wool sweater shrinking, behold the power of the drying rack. Ranging in size and style from pocket-sized over-the-door styles to collapsible versions that could handle the laundry load of a family of four, a drying rack is a great supplement or alternative to the traditional dryer. More 
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For those of you looking to buy a dryer rack for your household, take the following into consideration in order to pick the perfect style for you.

How much space do I have for a drying rack?

While drying racks are great space savers when they’re collapsed or tucked away, space may be a limiting factor when in use.

How much laundry do I need to air dry?

For a larger family or in a household that needs to air dry a lot of items inside, a larger and more substantial rack is suitable. However, if it’s only your own clothes that you will need to dry or if the weather allows you to dry your clothes outside year round, a smaller wall-mounted or even over-the-door rack will do the trick.

For your laundry dryer rack purchase, opt for a sturdy and well made piece that is sure to last for years. Since this is a piece that most likely won’t be replaced with a newer design, invest in quality.
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