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Alford ResidenceGeoff Chick & Associates
dragongly is located here http://www.ebay.com/itm/Large-Metal-Dragonfly-WALL-Sculpture-37-L-Indoor-Outdoor-Flying-Insect-Brown-NEW-/201036610870?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2eceb73d36#ht_1847wt_949
Giant dragon flies, ceiling
Dragon flies!!! Amazing!!
Dragon flies...Dragon fly
FLYING - PIG RANCH. www.TimberRidgeCraftsmen.com
FLYING-PIG RANCH. Custom home design
Heron flying, Fine Art Tileworks handmade custom tileFine Art Tileworks — Handmade Relief Tile
Heron flying, Fine Art Tileworks handmade custom tile
Grasses left, Grasses with Heron Flying, Grasses right, in Oyster glaze, each tile is 6x8; 2x6 Acanthus Spiral moldings in Terra Cotta. All our tiles are hand pressed and hand glazed to order. (Laid out for QC inspection prior to shipping, not grouted.)
Libraries | StudiesSoCal Contractor
pig sculptures
Home OfficesSoCal Contractor
pig sculptures
stone bridgeChristiansen-Arner Sculpture and Landscape Design
A classical stone bridge built from Califonia flied stone. This bridge was hand built along with two waterfalls and two ponds. This project is now listed with the smithsonian as a registered garden.part
Christiansen-Arner Sculpture and Landscape Design
LaundryGrainda Builders, Inc.
a very staid mahogany mirror with scrolling with a tattoo style cobra coiled in the corner, and a yellow maple vanity mirror with a little swallow flying in the bottom corner. very cool stuff! It makes me want to get crafty and ruin a mirror (I am not good at crafts, to put it mildly).
Sans Soucie turns ordinary glass products into exquisite "Works of Art Captured in Glass", of unlimited design styles. with their etched and 3D sculpture carved creations on glass products such as all glass frameless doors and entry systems, door glass inserts, tub, entry and interior window glass,
dividers, booth and area partitions, custom glass signage, glass wall art pieces, tables, floating bar tops, vanity tops, curtain walls, ceiling glass, sculptures, mirrors and more. On windows and doors where privacy can be a factor, designs are individually custom executed to provide the privacy level needed
Showing restraint in the plant palette allows this stunning glass sculpture to shine. Design and photo credit; Le jardinet
Whirling but­ter­flies (Gaura lind­heimeri) is
swallows - symbolizing luck and fortune - are beautifully cast in resin that appears almost porcelain-like. The clock itself is a sculptural piece where a flock of twelve delicate flying swallows which are handmade out of resin, replace numbers. Click Image for Product Tags.
and divide. Walls=70% Openings=25% Trims=5% Or you can take the height of the walls, 8' divide that by 5% you'll get 4.8 so a 4 1/2 crown? All this flies in the face of the (7%) solution i've been hearing about. Bottom line if you like it, isn't that really all that maters?
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