622 Traditional Gazebos

Gazebos offer a great spot to relax, entertain company or even create a focal point in the backyard. There are several styles and sizes available, and many opportunities to customize a gazebo to your specific needs. Pop-up gazebos are also available if you still want the luxury of a roof over your head while outside without committing to a permanent installation. If you’re shopping for a gazebos, read over the following before you make a decision. More 
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What size should my gazebo be?

To make this decision, consider how large your yard is, what will best complement your home and how you plan to use it. You don’t want your gazebo to overpower your home, nor do you want it to seem feeble in comparison. As for usage, decide whether it will be an entertaining spot for large parties or just a quiet area to enjoy coffee in the morning. If it’s the former, you may want a larger space, either oblong or oval, that will be inviting to guests. If it’s the latter, a small, intimate space could be perfect.

Where should I place my gazebo?

A gazebo can really go anywhere you choose as long as the space is large enough. Create a focal point by placing one in the center of your garden, or put it on your patio where you’ve already built an appropriate foundation.

What style gazebo should I consider?

Gazebos come with many different looks and finishes. Try a wood gazebo for a traditional, earthy appeal; however, be sure to stain it to prevent deterioration. Vinyl sided gazebos are clean, easy to care for and won’t have problems associated to weathering. Style goes beyond the material: be sure to check out the many different rails, braces, trims, roofs and flooring styles so you can customize your gazebo to your aesthetic preference.

What are some additions I could add to my gazebo?

Create a unique and personalized space by including some additional elements. Benches for seating are great for entertaining or relaxing in your gazebo. Installing removable vinyl windows or screens will help protect from insects and weather, or you could even add a door for further privacy.

Should I consider a pop-up gazebo?

If you desire an outdoor canopy but aren’t looking for a permanent solution, consider a pop-up gazebo. Pop-up gazebos afford you a stylish covering that will protect against rain and sun, yet are less of a commitment with its quick assembly and disassembling. To ensure an easy setup and strong construction, look for one with adjustable legs, steel or aluminum frames, multiple stitched joints in the canopy and PVC inner coating for waterproof and flame resistance. Be sure there are no loose parts or ends on your pop-up gazebo and that everything remains closely held together whether erect or collapsed.
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