358 Traditional Outdoor Rugs

Looking to add decorative warmth and layers to an outdoor patio or deck? While stone paving and wood planking provide nice backdrops for your well-designed and lounge-worthy patio furniture, the finishing touch of an outdoor rug makes your outdoor space feel like a true part of your home sweet home. More 
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What makes outdoor rugs different?

At this point you may be wondering, “What is an outdoor rug? What makes it different from any other rug?” The major difference between outdoor and indoor rugs is the material used to manufacture them. Many designs look nearly identical to those found in any living or dining room, and only upon detailed inspection do you notice the material difference. Naturally, outdoor carpet needs to be extremely durable and able to withstand all the natural outside elements. Those that are made to last the longest are most likely produced using either bamboo, plastic, or polypropylene.

What are some durable outdoor rug materials?

Rugs designed using polypropylene are most often designed to closely resemble indoor rugs. The added benefit of products made with polypropylene is that they are extremely durable. Many polypropylene substances are also made with recycled materials — such as soda bottles, milk bottles and packing materials. They are perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic both inside and out, and can handle all exterior conditions. If they are spilled on or trampled on with dirty shoes, you can simply hose your rug off and let it dry — no need to professionally clean it or worry about mold. If rough and tumble is your lifestyle, then polypropylene rugs are for you. Not to mention they are extremely affordable and are available in an exponential amount of dazzling designs and patterns — who ever though you could own a new beautiful kilim rug for under $100?

What about indoor/outdoor rugs?

Don’t limit the use of outdoor rugs strictly to your outdoor spaces! The designs, patterns and textures of indoor/outdoor carpet are so beautiful that you’re able to enjoy them not just on the patio, but in your living room as well. If you have young kids, pets or just a lot of foot traffic in the house, a rug designed to go outside may be the perfect solution. If your home has carpet, the firm texture of outdoor rug material is a great remedy for the lack of wood inside.
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