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staircase is a closet, which houses the cat pan and food bowl... hidden from guests and the curious dog. A special entrance was created for the cats to access their area. Photo by Kelly Feiock.
The closet was already finished but was being used for general storage. You should definitely finish it if you are going to put cat litter in there... they kick litter out of the pan it's important to be able to wipe down the walls and clean the floor. As long as you scoop the litter regularly, ventilation
nice roomy broom closet with light
little door to cat room. Access through the broom closet
storing cleaning supplies in closet under stairs
Cat door into cat boxes and under stair closet! sweet
Separate cat entrance to litter closet
Pemberton Addition/RenovationTim Cuppett Architects
Closet door under the stair case
Closet under stairs in basement
Closet under stairs...Stair closet...Closet in staircase
Hidden SpacesToby Leary Fine Woodworking Inc.
bookshelf/closet to be 20 inches deep and 50 inches wide. Would the hinge you mentioned allow for clearance for the depth of the cabinet?? Or would the cabinet need to be narrower at the back to clear? Thanks so much for your time!!!
do on closet in front entry / side od LR
this would be nice door to closet
closet door in hallway with bookcase door
Hidden closet . . . yet classy???
Craftsman RemodelAngela Todd Designs
could do this. open stairwell. add closet...
Using under stair space as closet, make in closed
bench, closet, hooks, gallery
staircase/closet use?
and hall closet...under-stair closet...closet and bench
Historic Home Restoration - StairwayTreHus Architects+Interior Designers+Builders
built-in closet instead of closet door in foyer!
Closet myve in front room would look nice
storage closet under steps
Closet doors
Lakeview Park RenovationAlchemy Design Studio
closet door hidden
stairs with closet underneath.
Closet debating de escalera
Craftsman RemodelAngela Todd Designs
staircase with closet on each floor under stairs
pull out closet space under steps
great hidden space saver! would make a great closet for coats, jackets, umbrellas & shoes!
Shoe closet
denver_residence_2sexton lawton architecture
this mini closet?
Small closet, two doors
extra closet space that's good
TreymoreGacek Design Group, Inc.
this in a closet insert window in middle
upstairs closet...go in closet
brantley palmerJamestown Builders
Hidden closet and alternative painting to risers
Basement - closet door
Door to closet under stairs
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