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Induction Nonstick Fry Pan with Lid - 11"
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The Swiss Diamond 11 inch (28cm) Induction Fry Pan with Lid is flawlessly crafted to meet the needs of home chefs. Cook your favorite meats, vegetables
cooking surface. Tired of scrubbing pots and pans? All you need is warm soapy water to make this fry pan look sparkling clean. Cast aluminum walls distribute
and more in this sturdy skillet that is guaranteed not to buzz on your induction cooktop. Real diamond crystals are embedded into the coating to create
Induction Nonstick Fry Pan - 10.25"
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Proudly made in Switzerland, this induction fry pan measures 10.25 inches in diameter. Its molded thermoplastic handle is safe to use in the oven up to
and its innovative magnetic base makes it induction-compatible without buzzing. A 26 cm (approx. 10 inch) fry pan is a critical item for any busy kitchen
advantage of a large stove eye without extra overhang, or use the cast aluminum pan to uniformly distribute heat from a small burner! Make sweet-and-sour chicken
Induction Nonstick Fry Pan with Lid - 12.5"
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Swiss Diamonds largest skillet, the 12.5 inch Induction Fry Pan, is indispensable for every family chef. The included glass lid makes it easy to monitor
any cooking enthusiast! Thanks to advanced technology, this durable induction pan is guaranteed to never buzz on the stovetop. Cast aluminum construction
Induction Nonstick Fry Pan - 9.5"
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The 24 cm / 9.5 inch Swiss Diamond Induction Fry Pan makes an ideal wedding or housewarming gift as it's the exact size for cooking for two. This skillet
lip of the pan is the perfect combination of splatter prevention and flip-ability. If you're considering picking up a few extra pots and pans or replacing
skillet is designed to preform best on all induction cook tops but can also be used on gas or electric. The patented nonstick coating browns like stainless
Induction Nonstick Fry Pan with Lid - 8"
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The Swiss Diamond 20cm (8 inch) Induction Fry Pan will become your new go-to skillet. Create a delicious omelet, saut your favorite vegetables, or even
technologically-advanced infused ferromagnetic base ensures this pan will never buzz on your induction stovetop. Perfectly suited for everyday cooking or special
even stir up a quick reduction in this versatile pan. The PFOA-free nonstick coating promotes healthier cooking, releases food with unbelievable ease, and
Induction Nonstick Fry Pan - 8"
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flat base that will not tip or spin, Swiss Diamond's 20 cm (8 inch) Induction Fry is an essential for any home chef.
Induction Nonstick Fry Pan with Lid - 10.25"
$139.95 $180.00 · Buy on Houzz
Swiss Diamond Non Stick Fry Pans can help you reach your nutrition and weight loss goals for a healthier way of life. By eliminating the need for cooking
breeze. Try the #1 nonstick cookware for yourself with this Swiss Diamond Fry Pan with Lid.
Induction 2 Piece Set: Fry Pan and Grill Pan
$249.95 $320.00 · Buy on Houzz
This 2-Piece Induction Set combines an 11x11 inch Induction Square Grill Pan, and 11 inch (28cm) Induction Fry Pan. A larger fry pan is a must-have for
chef. This fry pan is designed specifically for use with an induction cook top, and is perfect for cooking family sized portions. Like the fry pan, a grill
grill pan is an essential part of any cook's kitchen tools. Use this shallow ridged induction series pan to sear steaks, grill hot dogs and roast vegetables
Induction 6 Piece Set: Fry Pans Saute Pan and Soup Pot
$449.95 $580.00 · Buy on Houzz
from the garden. This Induction 6-Piece Set includes:8 inch and 9.5 inch Induction Fry Pans (20 and 24 cm), 3.2-quart (8 inch) Induction Saucepan with lid
lid, 5.5-quart (9.5 inch) Induction Soup Pot with lid. From rich clam chowder to lean pot-au-feu, whether frying fish in the skillets or simmering something
and then pop it into the oven - these pans are oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, all while being induction cooktop ready.
Induction 3 Piece Set: Fry Pan and Saute Pan
$254.95 $325.00 · Buy on Houzz
nonstick pans. This Swiss Diamond Induction 3-Piece Set includes our most versatile items: 11 inch Induction Fry Pan (28cm), 4.3-quart Induction Saute Pan
The shiny black diamond-reinforced coating of the Induction 3 Piece Set: Fry Pan and Saute Pan by Swiss Diamond is eye-catching, but it's the performance
jambalaya in the covered Saute pan or frying a chicken breast in the skillet, this high-quality, durable cookware for induction cooktops will help any dish
Induction 3 Piece Set: Fry Pan and Casserole
$249.95 $320.00 · Buy on Houzz
set contains a 9.5 inch Induction Fry Pan and 9.5 inch Induction Casserole, with a lid that fits both items. Swiss Diamond induction cookware provides superior
Swiss Diamond - Square Fry Pan – 11” x 11”
$129.95 $170.00 · Buy on Houzz
the ergonomic handle. The unique shape of Swiss Diamond’s new square fry pan provides additional cooking area without taking up extra room on the stove
qt of liquid - that’s almost 20% more capacity than a standard 11” round fry pan! The bottom is expertly trimmed to fit a round stove eye, and cast aluminum
Induction 2 Piece Set: Fry Pan Duo - 8 and 10.25"
$199.95 $250.00 · Buy on Houzz
The ultimate power duo, this Induction 2-Piece Set includes 8 inch and 10.25 inch (20 and 26 cm) Swiss Diamond Fry Pans. Professional cast aluminum co
potential for bacteria. This set is suitable for use on gas and electric, or induction cooktop. Made in Switzerland.
Induction 3 Piece Set: Fry Pan and Square Casserole
$299.95 $380.00 · Buy on Houzz
inch (32 cm) fry pan and 11x11 inch casserole dish are a perfect addition to every home. These will quickly become two of the most used pans in any well-equipped
Stay cool handles are attached without rivets to prevent bacteria build-up. Pans are oven safe up to 500 F.
Induction Nonstick Plett Pan (Swedish Pancake Pan)
$189.95 $250.00 · Buy on Houzz
The Induction 10.25 inch (26 cm) Swedish Pancake Pan by Swiss Diamond is great for cooking perfectly round eggs, silver dollar pancakes, hamburger sliders
Non Stick Plett Pan allows you to heat up two halves of an English muffin, a slice of Canadian bacon, and cook an egg all in one pan!
Nonstick Fry Pan - 10.25"
$99.95 $130.00 · Buy on Houzz
quality is evidenced in every facet of the Swiss Diamond 10.25 inch (26 cm) Fry Pan. Unsurpassed nonstick performance allows cooking with little to no oil for
Suitable for all gas and electric stovetops for an induction version, please see our Induction Collection. Heat-tempered glass lid sold seperatly.
particles with just warm soapy water. A helping handle located on the lip of the pan makes two-handed tasks a cinch. The rivet-free interior prevents unsightly
Nonstick Fry Pan with Lid - 12.5"
$169.95 $220.00 · Buy on Houzz
Swiss Diamond's largest skillet, the 12.5 inch (32 cm) Fry Pan, is ideal for pork chops and other large cuts of meat. The included glass lid makes it easy
moisture control. All Swiss Diamond products are oven-safe up to 500F (260C). Induction version sold separately.
stainless steel while preventing stubborn food particles from sticking to the pan. Designed for cooking without additional oil or fat, Swiss Diamond cookware
2 Piece Set: Fry Pan and Grill Pan
$199.95 $330.00 · Buy on Houzz
Diamond 2-Piece Set combines an 11 inch (28cm) Fry Pan and 11x11 inch Square Grill Pan. Our nonstick grill pan heats evenly and is perfect for bacon, burgers
up the grill, you simply have to put a grill pan on the stove. Couple that with our best-selling fry pan, and this is the perfect combination for healthy
and more. The fry pan easily holds four pieces of chicken and other large meals, making it ideal for any family. Like all of our pans, this 2-piece set
4 Piece Set: Fry Pan Casserole and Grill Pan
$349.95 $600.00 · Buy on Houzz
chef with kitchen essentials: 10.25 inch Fry Pan, 9.5 inch Casserole with lid, and 11x11 inch Square Grill Pan. Swiss Diamond's patented nonstick coating
cooking excellence. With this Swiss Diamond skillet, casserole and grill pan, you can cook almost any dish! Experience a truly non-stick coating guaranteed
3 Piece Set: Fry Pan and Saute Pan
$219.95 $360.00 · Only 5 Left
3 piece set features an 11 inch/28cm Fry Pan, 4.3-quart Saute Pan, and 11 inch lid that fits both items. Both pans feature our diamond-reinforced nonstick
nonstick coating that not only makes food slide right off the pan without having to use any oil or fat, but also makes for easy cleanup. Swiss Diamond Nonstick
Induction Nonstick Crepe Pan - 9.5"
$124.95 $160.00 · Buy on Houzz
internationally-recognized dish. The Swiss Diamond 9.5 inch (24 cm) Induction Crepe Pan makes it simple to whip up delicate crepes in the comfort of your
Induction Nonstick Saute Pan with Lid - 3.2 qt (9.5")
$189.95 $250.00 · Buy on Houzz
Swiss Diamond Induction (9.5 inch) Induction Saute Pan. This pan is designed to cook vegetables, meat, sauces, and more. This roomy pan allows you to
efficiently. Searching for an induction-compatible Saute Pan? Look no further thanks to advanced technology Swiss Diamond induction cookware is guaranteed not
Induction Nonstick Saute Pan with Lid - 4.3 qt (11")
$199.95 $270.00 · Buy on Houzz
for a true kitchen workhorse? The Swiss Diamond 4.3-quart (11 inch) Induction Saute Pan is a must-have item for every cooking enthusiast. Thick cast aluminum
aluminum construction distributes heat evenly across the surface of the pan and will never warp. Wave goodbye to scrubbing stubborn food particles Swiss Diamonds
Induction Nonstick Deep Square Grill Pan - 11 x 11"
$179.95 $230.00 · Buy on Houzz
Turn your induction cooktop into an indoor grill with the Swiss Diamond Induction Deep Square Grill Pan. Measuring 11 x 11 inches across and nearly 3 inches
evenly, making hot spots a thing of the past. This pan is square, but the bottom is round to fit induction stove tops. Easy clean-up needing only soap and
inches deep, this grill pan is perfect for burgers, steaks, chicken and more. The high walls help protect against splattering, while the Swiss Diamond
Induction Nonstick Square Saute Pan with Lid - 2.1 qt (8 x 8")
$139.95 $180.00 · Buy on Houzz
(20x20 cm) Square Saute Pan for induction cooktops allows you to sear like stainless steel without the messy clean-up! The pan itself is square, but the
aluminum construction ensures even heat distribution across the surface of the pan. Swiss Diamonds patented coating contains real diamond crystals for an exceptional
Induction Saute Pan w/ Stainless Steel Handle & Lid - 5.8 qt (12.5")
$249.95 $320.00 · Buy on Houzz
(12.5 inch) Induction Saute Pan is the ultimate kitchen workhorse. This versatile item is spacious enough to cook your entire meal in one pan! Sear your
your favorite meat, toss in some vegetables, and place the pan directly in the oven as all Swiss Diamond products are oven-safe up to 260C (500F). Use the
Induction Nonstick Crepe Pan - 10.25"
$139.95 $180.00 · Buy on Houzz
work on induction cooktops, ensures the pan heats evenly thus your breakfast will cook evenly every time! The innovative design of this Crepe Pan was a finalist
breakfast into a special occasion! The 10.25 inch (26 cm) Swiss Diamond Induction Crepe Pan is perfect for creating delicious pancakes and fluffy omelets. Flipping
Induction Nonstick Square Saute Pan with Lid - 5 qt (11 x 11")
$249.95 $320.00 · Buy on Houzz
inch Induction Square Saute Pan is a helpful addition to any kitchen. The pan itself is square, but the base is circular to fit the typical induction stove
cast aluminum construction ensures equal heat distribution across the entire pan. Heat-tempered glass lid included. The Swiss Diamond nonstick coating will
Induction Nonstick Saute Pan - 3.8 qt (10.25")
$189.95 $250.00 · Buy on Houzz
Oven-safe up to 260C (500F). Suitable for use on all gas, electric, and induction stovetops. Safe for dishwasher use, but we recommend hand washing. Also
The Swiss Diamond 3.8-quart (10.25 inch) Saute Pan is ideal for sauces, vegetables, cubed meat, and more! European craftsmanship is visible in every aspect
Induction Nonstick Square Grill Pan - 11 x 11"
$159.95 $210.00 · Buy on Houzz
11 inch Swiss Diamond Non Stick Square Grill Pan for induction cooktops. The ribbed bottom of the grill pan cooks Steaks, Vegetables, Pork Chops, and Chicken
just use hot water and soap to clean easily. Our induction grill pans are made to work with all induction stove tops, and are designed never to buzz.
Induction Nonstick Wok with Lid - 14"
$249.95 $320.00 · Buy on Houzz
tempered glass lid, this pan also makes the perfect large chefs pan. This induction nonstick wok, like all other Swiss Diamond Induction Cookware is guaranteed
inch Nonstick Induction Wok is ready for all your delicious Asian cuisine recipes. This wok is perfect for cooking family size Stir-fry, Lo Mien, or Moo
Moo Goo Gai Pan meals. Swiss Diamonds patented nonstick coating is perfect for healthy cooking as it requires little to no oil, and allows easy clean-up
Induction Nonstick Wok with Lid - 11"
$199.95 $270.00 · Buy on Houzz
throughout the pan making sure your perfect fried rice, or chicken stir fry recipe comes out just the way you intended. Our induction woks are coated
will easily release any cooking residue. This roomy induction wok pan also works well as a chef pan and comes with a heat-tempered glass lid
We know good nonstick induction woks are hard to find. So Swiss Diamond has come up with the solution. Our 11 inch induction nonstick wok is designed with
Nonstick Fry Pan with Lid - 9.5"
$124.95 $160.00 · Buy on Houzz
Arguably the most versatile cookware model available, the Swiss Diamond Fry Pan is a must-have for any kitchen. This do-it-all 9.5 inch skillet (24 cm)
soapy water, no scrubbing or soaking. Swiss Diamonds thick and heavy bottomed pan construction ensures an even cooking surface that allows for perfect cooking
HD Pro Nonstick Fry Pan - 11"
$179.95 $230.00 · Buy on Houzz
you ready to cook like a pro? Our Nonstick Stainless Steel 11 inch HD Pro fry pan is the pinnacle of Swiss Diamonds professional home cookware. Made from
prevents food from sticking while browning food like an uncoated stainless pan. Look like one of those TV chefs when your friends and family come over for
3 Piece Set: Fry Pan and Casserole
$214.95 $350.00 · Buy on Houzz
will slide right out. This Swiss Diamond 3-Piece Set includes a 9.5 inch Fry Pan, 3.2-quart Casserole, and 9.5 inch lid (26 cm) that fits both items.
cooking at home? This Swiss Diamond 3 Piece Set provides not only two top notch pans and a lid that fits both, but the opportunity to begin cooking healthier
designed to cook without the fats and oils that are necessary with other pan sets, thus making your food not only more nutritious by cutting fat and calories
Nonstick Fry Pan with Lid - 11"
$139.95 $180.00 · Buy on Houzz
spend another minute scrubbing or soaking your pots and pans the Swiss Diamond 11 inch Fry Pan makes clean-up a cinch. Ideal for braising or sauteing your
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