10 Transitional Mixing Bowls

Whether you're mixing up batter for your famous holiday cookies or fusing your favorite fruits for an epic summer salad, mixing bowls come in handy all year round. Although some are individual purchases, most come in mixing bowl sets, with an assortment of sizes to ensure there's one on hand for every need. You can also find specialized bowls, everything from batter bowls to prep bowls and pinch bowls, to help ease your cooking or baking process. More 
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As you make your next mixing bowl purchase, here are a few things to consider.

How many mixing bowls do I need?

One mixing bowl is fine to start, but once you begin cooking more often, you'll need to expand your collection. Most households need at least three, which is why buying a three- or five-piece mixing bowl set is the most economical and time-efficient way to go. Ideally, your bowls should vary in size and nest inside each other to save kitchen cabinet space.

What material works best for a mixing bowl set?

There are several different mixing bowl materials, depending on price range and style preference. Stainless steel is a popular option, since it works with any style and maintains its quality over time (though it does tend to cost more than other materials). Plastic is a more budget-friendly alternative, is just as easy to clean and often comes in fun, bright colors. Finally, glass and ceramic are also popular options, though these are more fragile and can break or crack easily if not handled correctly.

Do I need a batter bowl, prep bowl or pinch bowls?

If you already have mixing bowls but are looking for more specialty purchases, consider batter bowls, prep bowls and pinch bowls. Batter bowls often include a spout and sometimes a lid, which makes them great for mixing and pouring pancakes, cakes and muffins. Prep bowls are very similar to mixing bowls, though they are used more for storing food as you cook instead of blending the contents. Finally, pinch bowls help store your measured spices before you add them to your dish. They ensure that all your ingredients are measured and ready beforehand; that way, you don't have to frantically prepare as you go.
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